Friday, February 16, 2007

Saturday Photo Hunt


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This light up ceramic tree was in my parents' home when I was a kid. I LOVED its antique-ness then, so my mom gave it to me a couple years ago, the very same year Kenny bought me one from a local antique shop. So now I have two of them. And I love 'em! It's actually still out, and yes, I know it's almost March. But I knew we were moving and I just love having it glowing next to me at a pretty nightlight.


Tasha said...

I have the same one, but its ,issing some lights. Cute!

Tasha said...

whoops, I mean missing

jenny said...

I think it's great you have two---and now you have a nice sentimental story to pass down about those two lights of yours. Write your story down and put it up with your lights every year, and when you pass them down to your children, they'll have the story straight!

Enjoying your blog this morning! :-)

srp said...

We have a medium sized one that is white glazed and a large three part one that is green. Last year we finally had to replace the lights and one of the fixtures. They do put out such a nice glow.