Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Free Day!

I can't believe my luck. Another snow day. Who would have guessed we'd get so lucky?!
I should probably clarify "snow day." It should be called "cold day." That's why we didn't have school yesterday and today. It was like zero degrees both days. My first thought was how do these pansies over here survive Michigan winters? I have only lived on this side of the state fo 5 years, and seriously, when I was a kid, it was this cold at least once or twice a winter. It was expected! But now, there is some law I think that says kids can't go to school when it's a certain temperature. I don't really know that it's a law, but come on, what did we do in the past? What did I do when I was a kid? Bundle the hell up!! But, don't get me wrong. I love having 2 days off in a row unexpectedly. Especially when I knew BEFORE my head hit the pillow last night that I didn't have to wake up to an alarm this morning. THAT was nice.
So yesterday I started packing. It didn't get me too far. I got 7 huge banana boxes from the grocery store and came home to start the ugly process of throwing things away and packing. And at the same time, I indulged in my latest obsession, Dawson's Creek. My friend has the entire DVD collection, and I'm now on season 3. Maybe that's why I didn't get a whole lot accomplished yesterday....to much oogling over the TV. Lindsay asked me to take pictures, so here is what it looks like outside....a fair amount of snow, but keep in mind I'm home these 2 days because of the extreme cold.
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Today I have been much more productive. I'm cleaning out our files of paperwork so when it comes time to file new paperwork crap, it's all organized and clean. Look at the mess I've made, and this isn't even the worst part!
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My next task this afternoon will be the kitchen. My weakest point. Not only do I NOT enjoy cooking, but I enjoy EVEN LESS cleaning up. So the dishes will need to be dealt with soon. If you look really close in the upper right hand corner of the picture, you can see a few not-yet-used banana boxes.
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I sure have my work cut out for me today. But, it still beats BEING at work! Oh yeah, and that wild strawberry jello with bananas added in was THE BOMB!!! And it's on the low carb menu too, so check out the recipe here. If you make it, just add the bananas after you mix in the whipped cream.


Tasha said...

Another "cold day" you are so lucky. I was a tropper and made it to work again,.....

Tasha said...

Sorry I meant trooper. LOL

Lori said...

Wow! Now I'm jealous!! ha!
The snow pics are pretty!

Lindsay said...

I think snow is so beautiful!
Your flower pots look so funny... like peanut butter cups with white frosting...
YUM, we need to make those!