Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Places I LOVE to Shop!!

1. Target
2. Old Navy
3. Bed Bath & Beyond
4. Office Max
(I adore organizational office stuff)
5. Nine West
6. Famous Footwear
7. Michael’s
8. Penny’s
(it may be old school, but you can’t beat their sales!)
9. The Teacher Store
(ANY teacher store)
10.Barnes & Noble
11. JoAnn Fabrics
12. Gander Mountain
13. Hallmark
(I’m a card freak!)


Lori said...

The only store I could add to your list is Kohl's! Oh - and Kirkland's - love that store!! I have heard I need to go to Gander Mountain, but haven't been yet!!

Nicole said...

I've never heard or Gander Mountain. It must not be in Texas. I like JC Pennys too!! Target is my favorite on your list though! Target rocks!

Blond Girl said...

Oh wow... this is on my list of T13's to write and you beat me to it! I love all of these, but I haven't been to bed bath and beyond. Other than that, though, you've got me.

My T13 is up - 13 products I can't live without.

Lindsay said...

i LOVE THEM ALL! I would add New York and Company to that list and it would be PERFECT!They just opened a Gander onm the Texas/Oklahoma border (its alot like Dicks Sporting good that we have here) SO FUN!

Tasha said...

I love old navy and target!

The Wooden Porch said...

I love #11!!!