Saturday, February 03, 2007

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I hate this. The cords under the computer are always in this GROSS mess. I can't wait to set up the computer in the new house where the cords are either in some kind of order, or NOT SEEN AT ALL. I really enjoy being organized, but when it comes to the computer area, until now, I have failed miserable. What do you do with all your cords?


Tee-T said...

My cords look like yours. Sigh.

Anna said...

I used to tie them up with ponytail holders, rubberbands then I went to IKEA and got gray or white cord covers...they are great. When my cords looked like that I was a second away from a panic attack. Maybe those tips can help!

Anna said...

LOL I hate cords too. My husband is anal organized, so he always seems to get everything tucked away somehow. His new kick is cordless stuff. We just got a cordless printer...and it sure is nice to now have to run cords everywhere!

Nicole said...

Mine pretty much looks like yours! :) Sorry no suggestions. I bet there is something at some organization store that could get them looking good. When you find out, let me know!

Tasha said...