Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Painting Questions!!

Yay! Monday is over! Yesterday wasn't a fun day. And today for some reason our library time was canceled, so that one hour a week where I can just sit and zone out (other than the prep times I get where I run around like a mad woman) won't be coming to me......what to do what to do??

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I'm S L O W L Y finishing up the painting in our three bedrooms, and I need some input please!! In each bedroom, we have one wall of color. The one wall of color in the office is a burnt orange, the guest room has a wall of deep blue, and our bedroom has a wall of dark red. My question is, besides the horizontal blinds, what kind of window treatments will do? I KNOW you want pictures.....I just can't produce them yet. My camera is still MIA and Kenny is out of town with his, so for right now, visualize the rooms. The other walls in all three rooms are "bay oyster" which is a creamy white, not bright white, if it even matters. Do I use valences? Or do I find (or make) my own curtains, maybe sheers that match the colors? I need help!! I've already bought and returned a million times, so I need guidance from those of you who have found something they like that compliments colors. Any ideas are welcomed! And the good thing about Kenny being out of town is that he left me his credit card.......I know what's his is mine and all that jazz, but it's still easier to spend his money, and more fun too!!


Tasha said...

Heres hoping that LindSAY will comment because I know nothing about curtains and she seems pretty knowledgable, and creative.....LOL!

Lori said...

ok - I would take offense to that first bit since I'm working on my masters to BE the librarian! ha! But, I zone out in there too! Here is what I do when something like that gets cancelled. set up four stations around the room - games they know how to play - and let 4 groups rotate through each station 15 min. per station. Works like a charm!!

As for the curtains, I'm a visual person so I can't picture it really without pictures - lol! Make sense? I have the fake wood blinds on my bedroom windows with curtains over & my living room & dining room are at the back of the house so I wanted them to be open and just went with curtains.

I agree with Tasha - hopefully Lindsay will see this post! She'll be much more help! ha!

Mary-LUE said...

I've always been fond of cornices. You can cover them in batting and fabric and then glue/sew ribbon, cording, whatever on them. They have a less "foofy" look to them but you can still make them feminine, if that's what you want. Then you can just have a shade or blinds on your windows, too and you're done. Mind you, I've never gotten around to doing any on my windows. I just like the look of them.

HGTV.com has tons and tons of valance/swag/window treatment pages. Here's one about cornices:

Cornice Treatments

I can't wait for you to get that camera back!