Monday, March 26, 2007

I should be in bed, but....

Oh my gosh it's been a week since I posted!

Not much has changed. We've made progress on the house, especially since Kenny is back. But he's leaving again (I'm really crying this time) on Friday, so who knows what'll happen. We're down to major decision making time. What to do with the we sand, or not? Are they good as they are? And the kitchen floor.....ceramic tile or linoleum....of course we like ceramic tile MUCH more, but HELLO the price! So when we get the estimates we'll decide. The painting is almost done, and then the only thing left that we'll do after we move in is the hallway bathroom. Everything else will be SO DONE! Kenny's dad is actually painting the kitchen for us, so that is really a load off. I think he wants us out of his house YESTERDAY. That's why he's doing it. We're working all day and then the house is our second occupation right now, and since he's retired, why not? And plus, it gets him out of Kenny's mom's hair for the day. So it all works out.

We found out what happened to our blue toilet. If you need a refresher on the incident, go here and then come back and here's what really happened. We were talking to a neighbor today, and we told him what happened, how we came over one day to the new house and we both looked at each other in disbelief that someone had stolen our blue toilet FROM OFF THE FRONT PORCH. The neighbor started laughing and told us that he put it in the trash for us. We had told him we were getting rid of it and then he saw it sitting on the front porch for 2 weeks (we missed trash day 2 weeks in a row) so he hauled it to the curb in front of his house for us. We were relieved that it hadn't been stolen!

My students are off the hook right now. They need their spring break just as badly as I do. I'm telling ya, there are 9 days until that vacation starts (including the weekend) and it's just not getting here fast enough. This has been one heck of a L O N G span of time with no breaks. This year, my spring break WILL NOT consist of a sinus infection. That was what happened last year. I got sick the last day of school before break, got the wrong antibiotics, and it got worse, and I spend the WHOLE WEEK being miserable. WON'T HAPPEN THIS YEAR!

Thanks for the advice on the window treatments. I will show you what I've done soon!


Lori said...

Hey girl! Missed you!!

One thing I did when I moved was put the vinyl floors down that LOOK like tile until I could afford the tile!! And lots of people have had to reach down and touch it before they realized it wasn't really tile - just an option!

As for sanding - I LOVE the hardwood floors with as much character as possible - so if you don't feel like sanding, call it character!! :-)

Tasha said...

My mom used to have the ceramic tile in her kitchen and she hated it. It would chip anytime anything fell on it. She vowed never to have it again...

What a nice neightbor you have...can't wait to see the house..Miss you!