Thursday, March 01, 2007

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Thirteen Things In My Car
1. Tape Measure
2. Car Charger
3. Empty Coffee Cups
4. Crow Bar (not for THAT reason)
5. Sheets (from painting)
6. School Stuff (books, tape player, artsy stuff)
7. New Curtains (yeah!)
8. Trash (I need to clean it out sooooo badly)
9. Dried Fruit (snack)
10. Empty Wendy's Cup
11. Anna Nalick and Aerosmith CDs
12. Water Bottles
13. ME!
I can't wait to get out internet hooked up and get back to daily blogging. I miss it. And all of my blogging buddies too! I really shouldn't be doing this at work......


Brandi said...

Come back soon. AND with pictures of the new house!

Lori said...

yay! We miss you!!

Mary-LUE said...

From your list, I also have in my car:

2. Tape Measure
3. Empty coffee cups
6. School stuff (papers, crafts, etc.)
8. Trash, trash and more trash
12. Water bottle
13. Me!

I've been a bad blogging buddy lately. I hope everything is going well with the new house.

Oh yeah, we are being bad guinea pig parents and are going to put them out for adoption. We are going to replace with a hamster as they are smaller and less expensive to maintain. Any helpful hints?

Mary-LUE said...

Oops. Number 2 is a car charger, not a tape meaure!

Lindsay said...

I have in my car...
sissors, bottles (for big people and small), TRASH and tons of it!,
broken glasses, 2 strollers (yes 2), an empty toy bin because some short manthat rides inmy back seat THROWS them everywhere!!!!!

Tasha said...

I love #13. Its kinda funny, my front seat is CLEAN, because I am a freak and clean it all the time. My backseat is a mess because of the girls. there is food, sippy cups, toys and books. MESS-E