Sunday, April 29, 2007

Calming Sunday

Such a busy weekend.........

Friday after school my auction committee and I spent HOURS getting things ready for Saturday, then Saturday was the auction and we were there at the crack of dawn. Let me just say how wierd it is to be in a school without the kids. Ya know, after they go home every day I stay and get things ready for the next day, but there's always something going on and there's always kids around. But there weren't any! Wierd! Anyway, the auction went well and I was RELIEVED it was over, and the Kenny and I whisked ourselves away to the next thing he had on his agenda and then by the time we got home it was 11pm and we were both EXHAUSTED. So what time did I wake this morning? Wait, I forgot to mention that we never made it to bed last night. Nope. He slept on the couch and I was in the recliner. That's how tired we were. Anyway, 8am, I sit straight up and he's starting at me, asking me why we are up so early. I had no idea. I got up and started running around working in the house. It was a beautiful day, and we did house stuff all day long. FINALLY unpacked the kitchen (we're still trying to decide what kind of floor we want to do in the kitchen) and then Kenny mowed the lawn for the first time and only had 1 small asthma attack. I told him it was my job, but you know men, they can't wait. So he suffered the consequences, but it looks great! I got things straightened up in the house because my dad was coming over to bring a few more things for me, and before I knew it, it was 9pm. Ah! But it was such a great day, and just to be at home for once.....

There are still a million and a half things to do, but one task at a time! Kenny is working on getting me a new camera. And I'm working on getting my hands on his so I can get some pics on here!

Today is the first day I really felt like we live in our new house. What a feeling. I'm still basking in the delight of owning a house. I know along with the responsibility comes a ton of work and I'll probably bitch about it some times, but right now, it sure feels good to come home and see the progress.

Oh yeah.....Tasha got married this weekend! Yay! And she posted about her wedding a little bit, so keep checking her site for the upcoming pics! Congrats! You are now a Mrs!!!

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Lori said...

You knocked some serious stress off your list this weekend! Yay for you! I can't wait to see the much anticipated pics! Are you giving up on finding your camera?