Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yesterday my head was spinning in 80 different directions. I thought all was well. My friend's big wedding was over the week before, my school's auction was over that I had planned, Kenny's work was taking a chill for the moment, and we are kind of at a stopping point in our redoing at home (only for a week so we can relax)....so I was anticipating a nice, relaxing Monday with the kids, getting them prepared for their end of the year testing that starts today. Boy, was I sorely mistaken.

First off, I had about a million and one calls/questions about items won/not won at our charity auction on Saturday from parents and staff members. Hello! Ask me when I don't have 18 cute pairs of eyes staring at me!! That's an after-school issue! I do have a job to do! Second, the phone NEVER stopped ringing with questions about our upcoming field trip. Hmmmm, I thought those calls were supposed to be put through to voice mail during TEACHING hours. Guess I was wrong. I took the phone off the hook at one point because I couldn't finish ONE FRICKING SENTENCE without an interruption, and it wasn't even the kids interrupting me for once! Third, I had three parents come into my room at dismissal (I take my kids OUTSIDE for dismissal so there shouldn't be ANYONE preventing me from getting the kids ready at the end of the day) and they all expected me to talk to them IN DEPTH at that time. As if I could. Then the phone rang. Again. Never should have put it back on the hook. And then two of my boys got into a fight (which never happens to my students because I have such a good class this year) and I had to deal with that. And to top it all off, I COMPLETELY FORGOT to send home the homework packets for the week as well as the reading logs. So I already know today I will get plently of emails and phone calls regarding that. Hey, I'm only human, with just one brain, and my patience is slipping. Forgive me, but I thought I was a teacher? Not a shrink, referee, nurse, lawyer, and secretary. A TEACHER. OF CHILDREN. NOT ADULTS. How much can one person take??

The good news you ask? I had softball practice after school last night (my school's team) so I blew off the other two meetings I was obligated to attend. I love it. How can one person be obligated to two committees that meet on the same day? Answer? She can't. That's why I blew them both off and went and had fun playing softball. And we have a game tonight too. And I can't wait. It's one hour of my day where nothing else matters. I get into the game, my mind recharges, and I just get to be Lindsey, the forgetful girl who loves to get dirty and dusty on the softball field. Not Ms. O, the teacher who's head spins around 3,299 times a day because there's too much committment on her plate and all she wants to do is teach without interruptions.

One more piece of sunshine.....Tasha and I are meeting for dinner tomorrow! Yay!!


Tasha said...

Sorry to hear you were so stressed out...You will be 10 times that after dinner with me and my girls...LOL!!!

Lori said...

I think I am having the SAME week! I am so cranky I can't even stand myself! ha! Too much paperwork!!!

Lindsay said...

wooo hoo, I am warn out!
i am so sorry you are stressed!
HUGS to you!

Tee said...

Threaten those parents with your softball bat! I bet they never bother you again! :)