Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Forgetfully Lost

Yesterday the kids kicked my booty. They were so on top of their game....all day long....and I was not. For whatever reason I came to work yesterday and forgot everything. I forgot they had art at 8:30am, I forgot the lunch cards, I forgot about a special program, I forgot my keys when we went to recess......I forgot everything!!
Should I be worried about getting alzheimers or dimensia? For real? Sometimes I forget things that are UNFORGETTABLE. I do notice that this tends to happen when I'm overloaded with things at work or still in the midst of unpacking a house. Or just plain busy. But that't normal right? Please tell me that you forget things when you are super busy. I'll feel much better. It's embarrassing when a student reminds to do something that I should be automatically doing. Ugh. I guess that's the joy of teaching multi-age. When they are slightly advanced, they are slightly AHEAD of their teacher.
Besides forgetting, I feel lost. I feel like this at the end of every school year. There's so much to finish up, so much to still teach, so much time to spend with my students and really enjoy them, especially the 2nd graders because they won't be with me next year, and with all these things to do, I just feel lost. Even with lesson planning and having things ready ahead of time, I wander around like I'm not sure which way is up. I know what I should be doing, I'm just losing the motivation to keep going another 5 weeks. I know tonight I'll go home, go to my softball game and hopefully win like we did last week, and come home again recharged. But right now, I forget what day it is!! Do you ever feel like this too? Or am I just crazy?
On a more positive note....I'm sure you all know that my camera was lost in our move a few months back. No, it's still not found, and believe it or not, I still get upset about it every night when I fall asleep. It actually keeps me awake sometimes. Anyway, I received a little bonus check unexpectedly yesterday, and guess what it's going to buy? Yup, you guessed it. My new camera. I can't get it ordered fast enough. You know what will happen as soon as I get it?? Some of you already called it.....I'll find the old one!


Lori said...

I was nodding my head yes thru this entire post!!!! There is no way to describe the stress and workload we have the last month of school. And...you want to enjoy your kiddos b/c you know they are about to move on, but it's hard to do b/c there is SO much to do! I am even going in on Saturday this week to try to get a little ahead! And everyday it seems they place something new in our mailbox!

As for the forgetful thing, I am so bad that my kiddos have learned to write it down and put a note on my desk or I will forget! ha! I am BAD!!! Maybe it's a teacher thing?

Lori said...

PS. I just posted our Mom's day coasters you recommended - thanks again!!!

la bellina mammina said...

tell me about forgetting this - after the 3rd baby was born, it seems that I forget EVERYTHING. So it's not just you - was that comforting? LOL!

I've lost a few things this month and am resisting the urge to replace them, as I'm hoping they'll turn up somehow!

Tasha said...

You poor thing. I can so relate with the kids being smarter thing. Hannah kicks my but sometimes too. Hang in there soon your much needed vacay will be here...