Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up

This was a great weekend. I need another day or two. Is that possible??
Kenny and I went "up north" yesterday as Michiganders say. "Up north" means somewhere north of us, between Lansing and the tip top of the Upper Penninsula. We didn't go THAT far though, only a couple of hours. We went to help out a buddy which turned into an all day deal, but it worked out nicely because Kenny ended up buying 7 of those 8 feet tables that every guy needs in the basement for under $100. And normally, those tables are from $30 to $40 a piece, so he was happy. And so was I. That means I can spend more money on rugs and towels, right?
Anyway, on the way home, we stopped at Tony's to eat, which doesn't look like anything fancy, but it's a famous place to eat when you are "up north." Even those guys from that Chopper show on TV have been there. Here's what the outside looks like...nothing fancy, just a family owned place.
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Here's what they are really famous for......HUGE portions. Look at the size of the potatoes next to Kenny's hand. And he has big hands too!
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I was good....I ordered a burger and didn't eat the bun. And no fries, salad only. So I didn't feel like a stuffed pig when we left.
I wish I could make this weekend last forever, ya know? It's so nice being home today and doing odds and ends around here. The leaves are on the trees now, and it's sunny and NOT cold. It's truly a perfect Sunday. Except for laundry. Which I'm avoiding.
And on another note.......
My friend D (and her hubby B) had their first baby yesterday......
Welcome to the world Baby Jake!
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Both D and the baby are doing fine, and they'll come home on Tuesday. I still can't believe the
baby is already here. It seems like D and B just told us they were pregnant, and now they are parents. D is the first one from my group (5 girls) of highschool friends to have a baby. It seems like we were all jsut graduating and deciding what college to go to. Time flies. D is the kind of person who has been preparing to be a momma since she was old enough to talk. She was always the one babysitting on Saturday nights instead of hanging out with friends because she loved babies so much. And she had to wait until she was through both college degrees to have kids. Anyway, I am so happy that she (they) finally have their baby and he's healthy!
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Lori said...

If you find a way to make the weekend last longer, let me in on it! LOL!

la bellina mammina said...

Great weekend!!

And welcome baby Jake....

Tasha said...

Your weekend sounds awesome. I am so happy the weather is finally nice outside. I love hearing Michiganders explain "up north" and I totally understand LOL~ Congrats to Baby Jake and his mommy and daddy. Since we now know who he is..Can I get another LOL!