Sunday, June 10, 2007

Good Day:)

I love days like this. It's Sunday, we worked hard all week and yesterday, and today was the day to unwind. First of all, I slept in. That's worth a million bucks by itself. I made a YUMMY breakfast and even yummier coffee. Then my mom arrived and we chatted and she showed me how to use our new weedwacker. THAT was fun. I mowed the entire lawn and did the weedwacking....I actually love doing that kind of work, so it's less work and more fun for me. My mom and I did a little shopping and then bought food to make burgers (more yum!) and now we are just relaxing. Kenny is passed out on the couch, my mom is watching cable (she doesn't subscribe) and doing suduko. Can it get any better?? My mom is going on my field trip with me as a chaperone tomorrow, so she's here for the night. Our third overnight guest! I only have four days of school left....I can't believe it. Time has flown. I'm happy and sad. I want the time off, but I will really miss these kids. I will, however, enjoy my time with them on our last field trip of the year tomorrow:) And of course I'll enjoy my momma being there!


Mary-LUE said...

I bet it will be a treat for the kids, too, to have your mom there.

Have fun on your last four days of school. That is how many we have left, also. I'm ready for some summer relaxation!

Tasha said...

Sounds like fun...when am I going to get an invite???

Lori said...

Hope your trip was a good one! I know this week will be crazy for you ~ I'll keep you in my thoughts!

I started summer school today and only had 4 kids in my class! CRAZY!! I combined with the teacher across the hall and we team taught - that was fun!

oh, soduko rocks too!