Thursday, June 21, 2007

Out of the Loop

Where in the world have I been? I am asking the same thing. I have been done with school for exactly one week, and no posts. Nothing. Have barely even touched the computer. And I have no good reasons, because I've had the time. This is what I've done....
On our (my co-pilot N) way home from our last day of school LAST Thursday, Kenny calls and says I need to meet him on the side of the road at a given intersection so he can give me a fuse that the fuse box needs because he blew one and he just had to give it to me right then, and he was on his way out so he couldn't do it. Whatever. So we pull over to the side of the road and I get the fuse and a kiss and a congratulations-you're-done-with-the-schoolyear, and then I get home and change the fuse. Exciting? So exciting in fact, that I fell asleep on the couch....for 12 hours. 12 HOURS!! I woke up the next morning and was confused....I kept thinking I was late for school, why am I on the couch, where's Kenny, and so on. I got up and realized that I had fallen asleep the day before and that it was now Friday. My first day of vacation. But I didn't feel right. This school year ended very nicely, with some sadness/emotions that I haven't ever experienced before. The end of the year has always been a huge debockle of craziness in my school, not to mention the exhaustion of working with kids every single day and seeing them on their way to the next grade. But this year, I was less focused on that because things went so smoothly all year and more focused on missing the kids. So it was overly emotionally exhausting.....does that even make sense? Anyway, that's why I slept so long and was in a funk for the first week of my vacation. I threw myself into this HUGE landscaping project we have going on well as going out of town for a few days. Finally, today, I feel like myself again, like I just arrived back on planet Earth this morning when I woke up. Whew. It was a long flight!
Here are a couple pictures of the work I have to get accomplished......
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And here's me accomplishing the work....very slowly....
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And here's what my feet look like all dirty, and yes, that's a bug on my foot.
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This is only a teeny section of the backyard. There is still mounds of work to be done there as well as a new patio and then the front yard.....I will be working until next summer to complete this!! The lady that previously owned this house obviously wasn't up to tending to the landscaping for the last few years, hence my long hours in the grueling sun. But, in some crazy way, I like the work. I love getting dirty and then when I take a shower and see all the grit and grime on the bottom of the tub it makes me feel like I accomplished so much. I will continuously post pictures so you can witness the progress...but it will be S L O W!!
It's good to be back on Earth today. Very good. I missed it.


Lindsay said...

ewwwww a bug on your foot!
I have missed you!

Tee said...

Oh, you are THE WOMAN!! I'd have no idea where to start, and no way could I NOT freak out if there was a bug on my foot! LOL Love the pretty pink toenails!

Steff said...'d my feet get on your blog?! My feet are dirt magnets and usually look like that at the end of the day. Well any day that I wear flips or open toed shoes. But just've got something great to show for all that dirt and little bug!

Tasha said...

I missed you...I was gonna call you today to see if things were okay!

Good job on the landscaping...but a bug..EWWWW

Lori said...

If I lived closer, I'd come help - LOVE landscape projects!! Just take it slow - that isn't a bad thing!

Missed you and glad you are back!

Erica Hampton said...

The plants look fabulous!....your poor, not so much:)