Monday, August 06, 2007

Another ME Meme!

Me and My Hubby (boyfriend) Meme
(in my case, my MAN-I hate saying boyfriend, it sounds so 7th grade)

La Bellina Mammina tagged me to write 8 things about Kenny & I.

1. I knew about Kenny before I met him. My friend Danielle was talking about her new boyfriend and how they went camping with his friends, and there was this crazy guy named Kenny who drove a big red truck and tipped over their canoes. And also, he was very loud and funny.

2. When I met him at a party (summer 2000) at my friend's place a few weeks later, I knew who he was the second I saw him based on my friend's description. He had on a Hawaiin shirt, some kind of pants/shorts, and cowboy boots. In the summer time. I know he's going to read this and deny those boots, but dammit, I know I'm right. That's just NOT the kind of thing you forget!

3. The first thing Kenny said to me was that because of our names (I'm not printing our last names on this blog but those of you who know us KNOW what I'm talking about) we were going to get married. And then he turned around and introduced me to the party (I already knew everyone because they were MY friends) as Lindsey ________ and that we were getting married. I was disgusted with forwardness and being so loud. Can you imagine?

4. We finally hooked up in the fall of 2002 when I moved over to this side of the state for my teaching job and the rest is history.

5. I used to be quiet, even tempered, and Kenny was the opposite. Now we both are loud and quick-tempered. Kenny gets over things MUCH faster than I do. I like to sulk and pout when I'm mad. He just gets mad and then gets over it. At least our disagreements are quick!

6. We both love camping and being at the lake. He loves to play hockey and I love to play softball, and we like watching the other one play their sport. We also just recently discovered that our decorating interests are much the same. Except for the bear rug. But we agree on the same colors, pictures, and decor, and I love that!! It has made painting and updating our home easy!

7. We both have the same kind of demanding job. When we go to work, we're ON all the time. There's always a need for us to be there, and we run the day from start to finish. There's little down time (except I get the summer off, but then I work with him) and no break time, and even when there is we are still "on call." That's why we savor our time at the lake, where the cell phones don't work and there is NO computer!

8. Kenny is generally messy and I am generally a neat freak, but I have to give him so much credit.....he has shaped up! He now picks up after himself and knows that things have their own place.

I tag anyone who wants to do this meme!

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Lori said...

OMG! Kenny and Kevin are so alike ~ the loud and funny, loves camping and messy ~ I was going "yep!" LOL!

Great meme, it was interesting to have some history on your story!

la bellina mammina said...

LOL! Great list! Thanks for playing along..

Tasha said...


Good thing you love me huh!!!!