Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I've emerged from the couch briefly, only to use the bathroom, drug up (the legal ones), and update my blog. I have a sinus infection again. Who gets that in the summer?? I can't even believe I just typed that. A sinus infection. I get them, usually twice a year, but NOT in the summer time! It has stopped me dead in my tracks this week. I got home from the gym yesterday, and my throat was scratchy, I thought maybe it was because I increased my speed on the treadmill and worked out harder. Two hours later my throat was sandpaper and I went to the doctor for confirmation this morning that it was indeed the dreaded sinus infection. Kenny blames it on the weather change, getting so humid recently and then the rain the last couple of days. Whatever the case, it sucks. My extended family is in town this week and wanting to come see our new house, and since NO ONE has showed any interest in it except for my parents, I was excited to have them over. Not happening now! Maybe the end of the week. I am going back to my make-shift bed on the couch where Kenny keeps an eye on me and tells me how cute I am when I'm sick. I'll be back soon.


marykathryn said...

So sorry that you are sick! At least it sounds like Kenny is taking good care of you..What a great guy! Get well soon!

Tasha said...

Aww you poor baby. Hope you feel better soon...What a good guy Kenny is, making you feel beautiful even when your sick.

Lori said...

Feel better soon!! hugs!