Friday, August 03, 2007

Week Review!

This has been a busy week....but it's the kind of week that I love to have in the summer. I finally wrapped up summer tutoring! Yay! Now I have about 3 weeks left until school starts. And I'm not ready to think about that just yet so...on with the details of the week.
Tuesday was my softball team's last league game. It's been a long season....4 months. It's been lots of fun, but just about every game since June has been super hot, so I think all of us were glad it's almost over. We do play again this Tuesday, but it's the playoffs, and we will play 1, 2, or 3 games all in one night, and then be done. I'm glad we'll be done, but also a little sad because I love playing and my co-workers are a fun group to be around. Here's our team last week, minus a couple of people:
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On Wednesday, my mom and my aunt and I went to Indiana to the Amish country where there is this great little town to shop in. It has lots of dry good good stores, crafts, and a flea market, which is my favorite spot there!! We used to go every summer when I was younger, and I just LOVED looking through the endless aisles of "stuff" to buy. This flea market includes antiques and TONS of new stuff, as well as veges and fruit and plants. I love to stock up on cheap but cute t-shirts and this year I got 400 count sheets for $22!!!! Can't beat that! Here's a pic of my mom and my aunt looking at some floral arrangements and then my mom and I in the middle of an herb garden.
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The "in" thing with the t-shirts at the flea market this year was John Deere, so I got one for Kenny. I wasn't sure if he would like it, but it was cheap and if he didn't like it, I thought I would just keep it for myself. Here he is, wearing the t-shirt.
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He already wore it all day yesterday and then washed it last night so he could wear it again today. Guess he liked it!! Good thing I got one for me too...a pink one!
Thursday I finished up summer tutoring and visited with my pictures, I forgot my camera. But my grandma said the funniest thing. She's 89, and starting to lose her memory, and we were talking about race tracks and racing horses. I asked my grandpa (91) if he had ever been to a race track and watched a race and he said, "Oh, yes," like OF COURSE he had. Then he and my grandma looked at each other and he said to her, "You've been to one too." My grandma said, "Well, just because you have doesn't mean I have. I really feel like I should argue with you about that, but since I can't remember right now whether I have or not, I won't. But I think I should argue with you about it." And then we laughed. It makes me sad that she's having such a rough time with her memory, but she is in good spirits about it. What else can you be?
Today I had a lay-in-the-sun date with Niki but it was too blasted hot outside so we went shopping instead. I got some AWESOME deals as always. We started at a resale shop that someone had recommended to us. I'm not much of a resale shopper, but I thought we'd go and check it out. It was a huge store (I think it was formerly KMART so you can imagine how large it was!) and organized by color, which made it easy to look at the clothes. I was looking at the pants and capris and I needed to try some on so I asked the sales lady where the room was. She said that she wished they had a try-on room, but no suck luck. She said that people just do what they need to do.....I asked her what that meant, and she said that sometimes they will push the clothes back on the racks and scrunch down in between the clothes and then pull their shopping cart in front of them so they are covered and then try on the clothes like that. I'm thinking, hmmmm, can I pull that off?? Why the hell not! So I did it. Yes, I took my pants OFF completely while my ass was buried in between the rows of pants. Here's the proof!
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You'll notice that my pants ARE IN MY HANDS! and not on my body. Nice eh?? At least Niki did slide the cart right in front of me so that I was a LITTLE covered. And I do mean A LITTLE! I guess there's a first for everything!
After our all-day shopping excursion, we stopped at another friend's house to visit with her and her new baby.
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He's just so darn cute so I'll give you with one more picture of him!
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Now I'm home and Kenny will soon be complaining that I "neglected" him today. He started whining about that last night, in fact. Here's the conversation:
KENNY: You are neglecting me. I get no "Lindsey" time.
ME: You get plenty of "Lindsey" time. When you're home, I'm home.
KENNY: You are always out playing.
ME: (rolling my eyes) Yes, during the day, though! And what are you doing during the day Kenny? Working! So you can't accuse me of neglecting you when you are working!!
KENNY: Oh yeah.
I guess he forgot that he works during the day. This is typical for us. Whenever I'm home on summer vacation he gets like this. I secretly think he's praying for the next 3 weeks to fly by so I can be back at work like him!!


Steff said...

I love flea markets! It always amazes me what treasures you can find in someone else's trash.

Have a restful weekend!

Mary-LUE said...

Wow, what a busy few days! But it sounds like a lot of fun. Your friend's baby is very, very cute. I have to agree with you on that.

I hope you make the most out of your three weeks!

Lori said...

Wow! There was so much in that post I don't think I can hit all of it! ha!

Loved the pics of you trying on pants in the store - you look so innocent! ha!

I'm glad to know someone else's man starts feeling neglected!! Whew - I thought it was just Kevin! :-)

Noticed you had your new berks on while shopping with your Momma!!!

Pugsley Toes said...

The trip to VW was an interesting one for sure! I still crack up laughing just thinking about it! It is NEVER boring when we get together is it?

Tee said...

Naked? In the middle of the store? Between rows and rows of pants and jeans? YOU ARE A WILD WOMAN!! LOL Hope you found lots of deals!

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