Saturday, September 15, 2007

Photo Hunt

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Here's my new vacuum. We needed a new one so badly, and I've been shopping them around, and then a couple weeks ago, Kenny just appeared in the doorway with this new Hoover!! I love it! It's a hunk of awesome plastic! And the best part is, he even vacuums now! I think the first week we had it, he vacuumed every day. I was in heaven!

(As you can see in the pictures, we still haven't finished our kitchen floor-I'm so lovin' the 1960s gold style look, that I can't decide on what kind of floor to buy......kidding.....but in all honesty, we really can't make up our minds on what to put down there, so until we do, it's all 1960s psycholdelic, every day, and I think it's even making the dog go crazy!)


Steff said...

I remember going crazy over my vaccum too! Now I just need to recapture that spirit and get a move on with the Saturday cleaning chores...ick.

Lori said...

Dude ~ those floors are so cool! hee-hee!
He's vaccuuming b/c you gave him a puppy! ha!

Tasha said...

Isn't funny, when you become a homeowner how excited you get about household things and the chores they take care of???LOL

Tee said...

I promise that is the same floor we had in our kitchen when I was a kid!! Don't get rid of it, Lindsey! It's sentimental for me!! Waaaahhhh!

la bellina mammina said...

cool floors...and vacuum too;-)

marykathryn said...

We need a new vacuum too!! Rusty and I are soo tired of pulling out the screw driver and tearing it apart to fix that old thing!! Maybe when we buy a new one Rusty will have Kenny's ambition!!