Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday Ramblings

What a week so far. And thank goodness it's half over!! The heat is back in Michigan. Last week was such a nice, relaxing, cooler weather week, and the weekend was beautiful, and the last couple of days have been warmer. Today, it was hot. And I wasn't dressed for the hotness in my classroom. In fact, I was dressed too warmly, and I couldn't remove the top layer because I needed the sleeves to cover the POISON IVY on my arm. Can you guess where I got that from?? My backyard. And why was I in the bushes back there? It has to do with the cutest puppy ever and I think you know who that is!! She is so loveable and cute, but training her is no fun task. But we sure are enjoying the benefits. She's doing so much better now than last week. She LOVES her crate, it's her safe place she enjoys being, and she whines to go out to do her business almost all the time. I love playing with her in the evenings when she thinks she is going to sleep....I keep her up as late as I can so that she will sleep later in the morning. I swear, every morning, she wakes up 15 minutes before my alarm goes off. Like she just knows I need that extra amount of sleep but just can't let me have it!!
The morning time is our special time together. She hangs out with me while I get ready for work, I feed her, take her out, and then we wait outside for my coworker/best friend to get here to ride to work together. N gets her dose of doggy love every morning and she loves it, and so does the pup.
Here she is in all her glory, chasing her favorite toy. Mind you she has all the chew toys and tennis balls a puppy could want, but this is what she LOVES and hoards in her house. ENJOY!!

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Kenny and I are quickly learning how to be dog people. We even signed up for puppy training. I know lots of people will be making fun of us for that, but seriously, we need it. Maybe even more than BB does. We need to know all the basics and more, so I am looking forward to it!! Plus it's an excuse for Kenny and I to do something together other than stuff that's work related. I think we'll enjoy it. I hope they let me take pictures!


la bellina mammina said...

Aww! She is so adorable!

Tee said...

Diet coke bottle! LOL That's too cute. I can tell you guys have BB spoiled already! Don't ya love it??? I really enjoy the videos you're using in your blog now. I love to hear you have that "Michigan accent" (yes you do!) that reminds me so much of my friend from high school, who was from Lansing. I used to love to hear her talk too! Maybe it's because you guys don't have that southern thing going on like we country hicks do! LOL Hugs to BB!

Tasha said...

She is so sweet!!!!!

What does Tee mean about a "Michigan" accent...we have no accent, she has an accent? LOL!

Steff said...

My puppy grew to love her crate. We called it her house and every night that's where she'd go. It was never a punishment place but a sleeping place.

Is it just me in Texas or do you feel almost overwhelmed with the paper work that sometimes gets in the way of teaching?

And the ritas so made me feel better last week. Thanks for listening friend!

Lori said...

I love the video!! Made me ALMOST want a puppy again! ha!

Casdok said...

Very cute!