Monday, October 29, 2007


I am so happy that it's fall. There are tons of things about this season that I love....

the outside smells

leaves on the ground

the nip in the air

beautiful colors

getting out fleeces and down coats


thinking about buying presents

lots of birthday celebrations

enjoying the first holiday season in our new home

decorating inside and out

sunny, cool days, the best Michigan has to offer
It's such an inspiring time of year. I have so many projects and ideas that I want to do!! My favorite is when I get ready to leave in the morning and the puppy needs about 5 minutes to play outside. We go out and there's the chill in the air, the one that wakes me up and just feels good. Soon, it will be replaced with COLDNESS, but for now, I cherish those quiet moments in the morning, when the street lights are on, it's still dark and quiet, and I can run around and play with the puppy, while she's still little. Ahhh, I love this time of year.


Tasha said...

I LOVE Michigan Autumns...The whole 2 weeks is great before the snow, LOL!

Lori said...


Although...I can do without the leaves to rake up! ha!

Lindsay @ Splat Designs said...

I love fall weather also!