Friday, November 16, 2007

The Friday Run Down

Soooooooo many things happened at school today that by 8:30am my head was spinning, the phone was ringing, my door was never quite shut tight enough to keep all the distractions out, and as a result, the kids were wild animals. I mean that in the nicest possible way....wink wink.
I am drained. They took every single ounce of energy and sanity I had when I got up this morning. I must have known that it was going to be a chaotic day on the way to school because my coffee was a LARGE instead of the normal medium. Must have been ESP, eh?
It was picture day and the kids could wear free dress so their pictures (holiday ones) weren't taken in their boring uniforms, so that always makes them C R A Z Y. And the holidays are starting, and that adds to the mix. I showed a movie the last hour of the day, so they knew that was coming and that also was part of the insane-ness. I should have known. I just wanted to relax too! It'll be nothing but work, work, work for them during the short week coming up, that's for sure!
The photographer we had lined up for our wedding (so we thought) can't do it now....long story, but anyway, we're back on the market for one. This is NO FUN. I just put a deposit down on our videographer (love her!!) and so at least that's done. The photographer is really the last big thing to get lined up. I'm so stressed looking at the pricing. Not fun at all. I know it will be worth the amount of money we pay, but come on....$2,000 for pics?? That's CRAZY! We'll see what happens.
I'll be knee deep in invitations this weekend. I made them, big surprise??? Probably not. Sneak peak:
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I'm being what they call a "cost-conscious bride." I think it's really a sugar coated way of saying a cheapie, but whatever, it sounds a little better. I worded it myself, edited it myself (with the help of anyone in a 5 mile radius and my dad), and now I'm printing them myself. Talk about self-sufficient. The total cost? Not very much. I'll let you know when I'm done buying ink cartidges.
Is anyone sick of my wedding talk yet? I know Tasha isn't, and I'm sorry, but it really does become a full time job. I'm still not complaining though. I LOVE every minute of it.


Tasha said...

The invites look nice so far! Can't wait to see the whole thing. Sorry for the chaotic day...sounds rough.

Lori said...

Invites look great!! You go girl!! Talk wedding all you want!