Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thirteen Things I Want To Do This Weekend

1. Sleep in

2. Go to the movies with Kenny

3. Go to dinner with Kenny

4. Make room in the garage for my car ('cause that's where they go!)

5. Crafty things (not for the wedding, just for me)

6. I don't WANT to clean, but Clean

7. Call parents and talk to them for a long time

8. Visit my brother and his new woman

9. Grade papers

10. Clean out 2 closets (I'm motivated only because I can't find a couple things!)

11. Organize the wedding stuff we already have

12. Sleep in

13. Sleep in


Lori said...

Amen on the sleeping in!!!!

Tee said...

You better get've only got two days. May I suggest you start with the sleepin' in?

Good luck with your meetings. The only advice I have to offer is GET IT IN WRITING! Don't you watch The Peoples Court?? Huh?

Tasha said...

Sounds good to me, the sleeping in part...