Monday, November 12, 2007

Mundane Monday

My day consisted of:
  1. being too groggy to turn the lights on when I got in the shower
  2. the puppy licking my feet all morning
  3. donating 40 new hats & gloves from the dollar tree to our school clothing drive
  4. walking into a neat, clean, disinfected, ready-to-go classroom this morning
  5. 3 kids absent (that NEVER happens) so lots of reviewing instead of teaching new stuff
  6. an awesome morning, praising the kids for it, and then after lunch they were hellions
  7. crying kids after gym class (the same ones that cry EVERY TIME we have gym)
  8. eating 2 sour apple airheads after school, I think it was my saving grace
  9. being told that I just "must" watch bridezillas
  10. taking the puppy for a walk when I got home and then having to turn back around to go home because she laid a deuce about 10 houses down and I HAD NO BAG-remember, I'm still new at this dog thing
  11. puppy acting wild when we got home so she stayed in the backyard
  12. being so sleepy that I fell asleep on the couch until Kenny got home
  13. Kenny brought home my car with FOUR NEW TIRES
  14. don't ask about that, it's not a pretty story:(
  15. drinking my dinner smoothie (too lazy to make anything)
  16. watching the dog fetch her toys in the backyard
  17. folding laundry

Not very exciting, but I'm happy about having the tire issue taken care of. Not happy about the price, but it's worth it because you just can't drive (safely) without tires!! I worked out last night and did some new stuff with my arms so I'm sore and sleepy today...can't wait to go back for more tomorrow!

Oh yeah, one more thing. One of my students said the whole word "bitch" today. That has never happened before. One of my students was snitching on the other one after gym class (there seem to be soooo many issues when I pick them up from gym) and when I asked the snitcher what the snitchee said, he first replied, "...he said the B word...." and then I said, "What did he really say?" because 9 times out of 10 the kid being snitched on didn't really say the word. So the snitcher says, "No really, he said BITCH." I was stunned that the kid actually used the whole word while tattling on someone else. I couldn't get mad!! I asked him!! I had to turn around and hide my face and laugh because I was so stunned. That has never happened before. And yes, 6 and 7 years swear, and I don't usually catch them, but they do!!


Lori said...

Haaaa!!! At least you knew for sure which B word! Classic!! And oh boy, yes they can cuss - sometimes worse than us! ha!

Sorry about the tires - been there, done that!

Tasha said...

Thats hilarious...I wonder what Hannah thinks of me sometimes, she likes to mumble ALOT.

Tee said...

#1 - Dark showers get you just as clean as well-lit showers.

#2 - Ooooo...kinky.

#3 - That's at least $40. You are the woman!

#4 - The cleaning lady came?

#5 - It's a conspiracy!

#6 - Ungrateful lil' rugrats.

#7 - I hated gym too.

#8 - Just like before you were the teacher! Candy after school. I hope you brushed afterward.

#9 - Pffft.

#10 - If only my own neighbors were as considerate! On second thought, if only that was the worst my neighbors ever did to me! (But we're not going there!)

#11 - A wild puppy that licks toes? What's the problem? LOL

#12 - Hmmmph. ..and you'd still be there if that mean ol' Kenny hadn't been so selfish and actually decided to come home!!

#13 - Okay, I take back the selfish remark above. Tires. Not as good as roses, candy, and diamonds, but we'll cut him a break THIS time.

#14 - I'm not askin'..but next time it better be jewelry, Buster!

#15 - 1-800-order-pizza. Make Kenny dial it!

#16 - Let the dog back in now, Lindsey!

#17 - Uhhh...Ugh. Just ugh.

...the B word. You probably should incorporate that into the alphabet lessons somehow. A is for apple. B is for....