Saturday, December 08, 2007

I saw Santa today!

Santa came to our house today!!!!!!!
I'm not kidding! You can see for yourself!!

The puppy told Santa what she wanted for bones and table scraps. It'll depend on how good she is!

We put up some new vertical blinds today and within 2 hours, the puppy had pierced one of the blinds 8 times with her sharp teeth. I was so mad!!!

I thought we had a new table coming for the diningroom because the one we have is on the curb as of today, but it's not coming yet, so we'll have to wait a little longer. I just want a table!!! Badly!!! I'm tired of eating at the computer or in the livingroom, or standing at the sink!!!!

My birthday is on Monday and we went shopping for my gift, a new coat, but did they have it in red?? Of course not!!! So I'll be waiting on that too. Oh well. At least I didn't have to go to work today or tomorrow, and it was still fun shopping. I like to be out and about when all the Christmas stuff is out, not necessarily when I have to be shopping, but just when we can stroll around and casually shop. And Kenny even likes it too, especially when he gets to look at man stuff, like snowblowers and sports jerseys. Then he's happy too!


Melissa said...

Now how did he end up at your house? I have to go to school to see him today!

Steff said...

How fun! And you have snow...I'm so jealous. :) It's in the 80s here today so you're so lucky to have Christmasy weather.

Did you sit on the man in red's lap and tell him about your table and coat requests?!

Lori said...

I am not patient when it comes to waiting for stuff I want...kudo's to you on that! did Santa end up at your house?

Tee said...

No fair! Santa didn't come to MY house!! Waaaahhh!

Tasha said...

You must have been a really good girl for Santa to come so early!