Saturday, December 08, 2007

It smells like Pine

It's not really Saturday yet because I haven't gone to bed on Friday night yet. I know it's after midnight, but I don't care, it's still Friday. I'm awake and very much active even though I'm usually closer to getting up than falling asleep at this late hour. The title of this post is only there because I couldn't think of anything better to say and my candles smell like pine-yummy!! My day went something like this:
  • woke up late on purpose, needed an extra 45 of sleep
  • stopped for coffee on the way to work, putting us there just as our mandatory morning tutoring begins at 730am (waaaaay too early to be functioning with 8 kids)
  • 2 parents decide that 730am is a great time to conference with me about their child's report cards because they didn't make it to conferences 2 days ago-great, I'm not even awake yet
  • I'm observed from 9-930am, with a quick follow up conference....she loves me, can't say enough good things about me, is very impressed with my students' writing skills, makes me feel good, and bonus, she loves my flip charts and says that you can learn a lot about the personality of a teacher from their flip charts....good to know, will always keep that in mind forever
  • headache takes over my neck and the side of my head so I pop some excedrin
  • my para-pro asks me if I want to go renew my tags during our prep time because she has to do it too, and I really have to think about it because that means I have zero time to prepare stuff for next week, which is a big deal
  • my para-pro says she'll take care of the prep work for me (have I mentioned how lucky I am to have this wonderful person working with me????) if I go with her, which ultimately saves me time at the secretary of state after work
  • we go to renew our stuff, and HELLO!!! NO WAITING IN LINES ANYMORE!! They have those kiosks now where you insert your renewal slips and WHAM you are done! Tag gets spit out and you are on your way home, or in my case, back to work
  • we had time to spare so actually got to eat a nice lunch
  • the rest of the day was filled with spelling tests, language arts testing, grammar and handwriting, and then a math lesson and finally our "Fun Friday" movie...whew, that was a lot on a Friday afternoon!
  • before the kids left my head was a pounding again so more excedrin!
  • the ride home was so nice knowing it was the weekend
  • as soon as I got home I was in the truck with Kenny running errands and the puppy was so cute!
  • made it home and ate dinner, and I've been SLOWLY cleaning so that I don't have to the rest of the weekend
  • even made it to the craft store (my favorite place in the world) to get some fuzzy stuff for the puppy's stocking and her new bed that I'm making her-which she BETTER sleep in, and of course I'll take pictures of it when I'm done
  • looking forward to doing wedding stuff all weekend and relaxing!


Tasha said...

Wait...did I read borthday weekend on the last post?
I did!!!!


Lori said...

Umm...mandatory morning tutoring??? What the????