Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let it SNOW

Oh oh oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the SNOW!!!
It's here and it's beautiful and I love it!

We played outside with the puppy last night and she loved it. She's been in the snow before because this isn't the first snow of the season, but it's the first dumping of snow we've gotten. This morning I woke up and looked out and there's a foot of it our there. I love it!! Thank goodness it's Sunday. Wait a minute, maybe it would be better if it was Monday so we could have a snow day. THAT would be great. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I'm done Christmas shopping for everyone except Kenny. I have no clue what to get him. Not one idea. He keeps saying he doesn't need anything. But you know come Christmas morning when we're opening presents he'll be all pouty if he doesn't have much to open. So what should I do???? I have no idea what to get the man who has everything or who could go get anything he wants. That's why I'm having problems. And it's not like I can make him something....I've already made him quilts, fleeces, stockings, you name it, I've already made it for him! He's been pretty good this year (hello-engagement ring!!!!) so I will just have to keep thinking. Shoot me some ideas if you think of any!

I met my friend Shane (also a bridesmaid) at the mall on Friday evening to shop, and it was a blast. She's a power shopper like me, plus she likes to have things gift wrapped too! I normally love to wrap presents because of course it's a crafty thing to do. But after we hit the gift wrap place, I think I might like that idea better!! Talk about making it easy!

All this Christmas stuff to finish up, wedding stuff to work on (I love it I love it I love it!!!), plus just wanted to be home in this snow...PLEASE let there be no school tomorrow.


Melissa said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you...and for me:) I think we want snow days just as much, if not more, than our students do!

Happy belated Birthday by the way:)

Also, your house looks beautiful! Like you, I'm staying in today. Paul and I were supposed to go look at houses in Rochester but much for that idea!

Happy (snowy) Sunday!

Steff said...

How fun! I'm so jealous of your snow...pout pout. My father is the hardest person in the world to buy for. Same deal...I don't want anything but how can you not put some gifts under the tree for everyone?! Hope you have luck in getting just the right gift! :)

Lori said...

I am super jealous of the snow!! I want a snow day - they are the BEST! The weather here is nuts - one day it is 60 degrees and the next it is 35 degrees...but the snow can hold off until we get back from holiday b/c I want a FREE day off out of it! ha!
Fingers are crossed for ya!

Tasha said...

I wish I had all my shopping done...we are so far behind this year. Your pictures are so pretty of the snow..

Tee said...

It's the most wonderful time of the year!