Friday, December 28, 2007

Our Christmases

That was all three of our Christmases summed up in pictures. Best way to do it!

Boy did I spend the gift cards today! Can you say CHA-CHING!!!!! I received a bunch of dollars for Old Navy (the best dress pants) and spent all but $12.57. How I left the store without going back in to spend that last little but I'll never know....wait, I do know, there was a V E R Y long line. More dollars for next time! I was in the store about 2 hours, so after that I called it quits on shopping. I had to get to the gym before the rush hour hit and especially in these weeks after Christmas, the gym is packed with all the newcomers who have the New Years resolutions to lose weight. I've been pretty faithful to the gym for the last year and a half or so and I can tell who is going to stick with their gym membership and who isn't just by looking at people. The ones who have all the fancy clothing and who have their cell phones out and ARE TALKING ON THEM WHILE PRETENDING TO WORK OUT are the ones who won't make it a month. I'm sorry if you use your phone while exercising, but it just irritates the daylight out of me. I'm no skinny minny so when I'm huffing and puffing out my very LONG 2 miles on the treadmill, it's pretty disgusting to hear the person next to me yacking and not even breaking a sweat (usually, they aren't going very fast) WHILE TALKING ON THE PHONE. I go to work out for a variety of get (and stay) in shape, to improve health and discourage diseases and sicknesses from nestling in, to feel better about my appearance, and the newest reason is to look great when I put on a white dress in April. All valid reasons, right? And one more important thing....when I'm on that treadmill running to shed pounds, I zone out mentally. I look at the TVs and read the hearing captions at the bottom of them or I watch the MTV channels and I just zone out. There's no kids begging for attention like at work, there's no Kenny asking me where his wallet, car keys (there's a huge story there that I'll save for tomorrow), phone, ect. is, there's NO PHONE (or shouldn't be), there's just me, the sweat dripping in my eyes, and the TVs if I choose to look at them. I LOVE IT. That zoning out is completely spoiled when someone is talking on their cell phone on the next treadmill. Point made. I didn't even mean to go crazy about that, but I guess I did!!!
I'm off for an evening of watching taped (or DVRed) episodes of A Wedding Story, 90210, and Melrose Place. One of Kenny's gifts to me was to add the DVR function to our cable service and I am loving it! I'll also be doing some wedding stuff, but it will be RELAXING!!


Lori said...

Love the pictures! I get so overwhelmed trying to scrapbook the insane amount of Christmas pictures that I manage to take every year...

I wish I had the energy or "want to" to work out. But, I am one of those that lasts about a month and then I just bitch about my weight instead! ha!

And, you will LOVE the DVR! worth every penny!!

Tee said...

I love DVR too!! The best thing ever!

I'm with Lori in the "lasting about a month" category, although this year maybe I can change that. I know I would never make it to the gym so I'm going to try to start my own little workout routine at home. We will see how that goes. I'm proud of you Lindsey for sticking with working out. Way to go!