Thursday, December 27, 2007

More Christmas

Wow it was a fun Christmas! And it really didn't end until today....lucky us!
On Christmas Eve we went to church and the bonus there was the Hallaluah Choir and we got front row seats. We had to get there almost an hour ahead of time to make sure of the front row, but I'm telling ya it was WELL WORTH IT. This is a huge church we go to, and to sit in the front is amazing because when there is singing, all the peoples' voices from behind your head is AMAZING! Plus, the choir (also HUGE) in front of about an awesome feeling. And the service itself was the first one I can remember where I paid attention the whole time and get the meaning of the message, the true meaning. Not that I don't pay attention to the sermons when we're there other times, but usually I have a hard time keeping on track after about 15 minutes. Not this time. I was "there" the whole time. Loved it.
Kenny and I opened presents Christmas Eve, which apparently is our new tradition. It's happened now for 3 years in row. We try to open just one gift which turns into 2 and that's it. Then on Christmas Day we went to his parents' house and then my dad's house. We relaxed on the 26th and then today we are having Christmas at OUR OWN HOUSE (yeah!!) with my mom and brother and his girlfriend. This will be the first time we have a holiday party here...I'm so excited! It's not a blig party, but it's so nice to have people come here for a change! Pictures to come tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

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