Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Ringing in 2008

Happy New Year!!!
Despite the weather warnings last night, Kenny and I took the hour and 15 minute drive to our friend's house W A Y out in the sticks for the annual New Years Party. Every year we take a lot of grief because we weren't engaged or married yet, so this year, we HAD to go even though the weather was supposed to get bad because NO ONE could give us crap this year!
We left late, as usual, got there around 11pm, and the roads were completely fine the whole trip there. We left to come home around 3am. It took us over 2 hours AND the expressway was like a virgin 2-track, only instead of dirt, it was snow. No kidding!! And it was a white wash the whole way home on top of that. I have to admit that I was so nervous (even though we have a gigantic truck with 4 wheel drive AND Kenny is an awesome driver, especially in the snow) that I just went to sleep. After all, it was late. I did wake up on occasion to Kenny saying, "Holy crap Lindsey, look at that!!" and then he would point to something that of course just made me more uneasy. So I just went back to sleep. We made it home and then snuggled up on the couch and fell asleep. I woke up sometime around 11am to a F R E E Z I N G house, and discovered we had no power. Great. So I got up to find MORE blanket and got the dog to snuggle with me for more heat in the lazyboy chair. About an hour later Kenny wakes up and figures out we have no power. So in our PJs (it's after noon by this time) we load up the puppy and go to his parents house, only a few miles away. We had breakfast and then I played (yes, I played) outside in the snow with the puppy and even made a snowman!!
Then I took a nice, 3 hour nap, and when I got up I called to see if the power was back on, which it was!! We had chinese for dinner....yum! and now I'm home with power and heat! Yay!
Happy New Year!


Vader's Mom said...

Glad the powers back up! I hate being without ours and we rarely get that cold. I just like knowing it's there.

Cute photos. Vader loves the little bit of snow he's seen!! But we never get enough for a snowman here...bummer! (No wait...not really a bummer!)

Lori said...

LOVE the snow pics and the snowman! I can't believe you stayed out until 3 am and are up blogging! I'd be DEAD! And, I admire you for being able to sleep on that drive home...Kevin would've killed me before we got home b/c I'd probably tried to be a "helpful driver!" ha!

Tee said...

Ahhh, your little snowman is so cute. You're gonna be a great mom some day, ya know.

Tasha said...

Happy new year...great snowman