Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saturday in Church

Yesterday we hid from the world. It didn't happen on purpose, it just happened. The day started out with us getting up VERY early (I was not happy about it AT ALL) and getting to church (on a Saturday) by 830am for an 8 hour marriage couseling class. You really did read that correctly, it was an 8 hour class. All 8 hours of it. Next to A.D.H.D. Kenny.

The class was okay, nothing new, they are basically telling us that marriage is not all bells and whistles (which I understand, neither is a relationship!!) and that there are good ways to deal with problems. Got it. I read through the numberous books they gave us, skimmed the handouts we had, and then glanced at the clock. I had just looked over all the information and was ready to go home, and it was 915am. I still have 6 hours and 45 minutes to go. Drat. We listened to the man who is going to marry us and his lovely wife tell stories of their marriage, how they got through rough times (which I greatly appreciate, I honestly do) and show us video clips (not so much appreciated). They even served us lunch! Church women can cook!! The afternoon was the longest part. And then the last hour was spent taking a psychological evaluation, Kenny took his, I took mine, and in a week or so we meet with the pastor and he will analyze it with us. SCARY. Now everyone will know just how nutty we are. I asked him in the event we both fail the test, will he still marry us? He said yes, so I can sleep at night. Whew.

I forgot to tell you about the parts of the class where Kenny was tickling me (during a video clip) and I couldn't make any noise and I'm very ticklish. That was tourturesome. Then he also make comments under his breath about certain things (he was naughty) making it hard for me to pay attention (I was really trying to) AND during the psycological test, he raised his hand and told the pastor's wife I was cheating off his test. I am sooooooo glad I didn't know him in high school.

We are going back to church today, not for the regular service, but for membership class so in 5 weeks we'll be members of the church. Kenny actually already thought he was, since he'd been going to this church since he was young. But he had never taken the classes when he was a kid, so we're doing it together now. Church service is at 1030 this morning, and the class is at 1130. Ordinarily, we would go to the church service first and then to the membership meeting, but if I don't get a morning to sleep in just a little bit, I don't get to recharge. I know it's an excuse but I'm sticking to it!

When we came home last night after eating dinner out, it was only 7pm, and we both put our PJs on, and spent the entire night on the couch together, watching TV. No phones, no anything except us and the TV. It was so nice!


Tee said...

Girl, you are in for a crazy ride marrying this fun guy! You are lucky to have found a guy that makes you laugh! I think laughter is the most important thing in the world! Just think how dull the meeting would have been WITHOUT Kenny being silly. :) Yawn.

Lori said...

8 hours! On.a.Saturday! Yikes! I think I would've been right along with Kenny ~ha! I don't know how you kept a straight face. You know you are going to have to share those results with us when you get them in! :-)

Tasha said...

kenny is one lucky man that you love him, LOL...I cannot wait to meet him, he sounds like a blast. The funniest part was when he said you were cheating off his test, GREAT.