Sunday, January 27, 2008

Still Laughing

Here is the conversation that took place between my fiance and I today. It's priceless. Here goes:

Note: I have wanted a small, flat-screen TV in the bedroom on the wall since last summer, but haven't gotten one yet, and I forgot to ask Kenny for one for Christmas.

ME (in my angelic I WANT SOMETHING voice): Honey?

HIM (knowing I was going to ask for something): WHAT Lindsey???

ME: I've really been thinking that we need that flat screen on the wall in the bedroom. You know, it's your fault I need to sleep with the TV on at night, you trained me to be like that. TVs are on sale right now cause the Superbowl is coming up. Please?

HIM: You know, every time your trap opens, it costs me money.

I am still laughing to myself when I think about what he said. It's true. I cost us a lot of money. But isn't that my job? He is just as bad. He just makes more money than I do:) I'll get that TV, one way or another, and it won't come from my paycheck:)


Tee said...

LOL Kenny better get used to it. You're about to become his wife. If he thinks "your trap" costs him money now...oh boy, is he ever in for a surprise! (I have no doubt you'll get that television! heehee)

Tasha said...

you better get that TV...LOL

Lori said...

Hey - he should just consider himself lucky that he has a women who would spend it on a flatscreen tv and not shoes! ha!

Marissa said...

Ha ha! But he would so benefit too from an awesome new TV, right?!?