Sunday, February 24, 2008

Candy Kisses Oh My!

Can you guess which part of wedding planning I was knee deep in this weekend??

F A V O R S !!!

I was surrounded (along with bridesmaid Shannon and Kenny, who was WAY TOO EAGER to eat the candy instead of box it) with kisses (thanks Tasha for the idea!)! And white boxes and pretty red ribbon too! It was fun. Unfortunetly, we're only about 1/3 of the way done. I need MORE kisses and ribbon. I way underestimated the amount I would need. So that finished task will be procrastinated until further notice.

On to more important things.....putting a veil on puppy! How cute is she? I had to wait until she was napping in her crate to get a good picture. Otherwise, she was too hyper and too into trying to bat the veil off. It did get ripped in the process, but who cares, she's so cute!

Tomorrow is my first day back to work after a week off. I'm NOT looking forward to it. As always, I'll be fine once I get there and see coworkers and all that. But the first day back is always hard. I am sure the kids will be all happy and excited to get back to their normal routine.
I made an arrangement for one of my best friend's wedding. She's getting married March 8th in Tennessee, so I'll be going on a road trip shortly! Anyway, her bridesmaid dresses are a pale green, and the bride is carrying red roses, so this is what I came up with. The bonus is that I will use these same arrangements for my own wedding! I am really stretching those dollars:)

I also got to have lunch with Tasha and her lovely girls on Saturday. She is proudly sporting the pregnant tummy bump and is adorable! And completely glowing too! This has been a great week off. I'm sad it's ending:(


Tan said...

I love me some chocolate kisses!!!!

Tasha said...

I really like the arrangments. They will look nice for both weddings. OMG March 8, your road trip is really soon...

I really really enjoyed lunch. LOl, even if my girls are crazy.

LaskiGal said...

What a gorgeous bouquet! My colors were red and white--a November wedding.

Hope you had a great day back at work *sniff*

Lori said...

Hope you settled into your Monday - you are so crafty with this wedding stuff! If I don't elope - can I just fly you here to do everything? ha!

Vader's Mom said...

Cute wedding favors. But the puppy in a veil...that's priceless!!!

la bellina mammina said...

I love preparing party favors! Wish I could help you;-)

And that bouquet is GORGEOUS!!