Monday, March 03, 2008


I don't really mean for there to be so many days in between postings. If only I had a less demanding job! I blinked and the weekend was over!!

Things are work are so busy. March is READING MONTH so we have activities planned constantly until spring break, which is the last week in March. The activities are fun for the kids, and even gives staff a chance to dress down once a week, which I love, but all these things are so time consuming.

Kenny left the puppy in the backyard today for 4 hours while he was working away from the house. He thought she would just play and be a dog, like she normally does when she's out there and we are home. He told me this on the phone around noon today. All I could think was BIG MISTAKE. And I was right!!

When I got home there were remains of two lounge chair pads (they WERE in the trash, now they ARE trash) scattered all over the backyard. I mean the stuffing was looked like Santa's beard was everywhere, with clumps of snow mixed in. Therewas a shovel handle and some other handle gnawed and scattered, and there was just plain crap everywhere. I guess this will teach Kenny, eh? Me telling him it wasn't such a great idea wasn't enough. Maybe this was. And no longer can we keep the recycling bin by the back door. Puppy can't handle it. She just can't leave it alone. What a mess.

On another note, when I came home from the gym tonight, I opened the closet to set my shoes in there (because I DO put my stuff away) and IT WAS CLEAN. AND NOT BY ME. I do all the cleaning around here all the time. I like it clean and my way, all the time. So imagine my surprise when I open the closet door and it was cleaned NOT by my hands. Awesome! Kenny, when you read this, THANK YOU HONEY!!!

I'm leaving for Tennessee on Friday morning for my friend's wedding, so this week will be a short one, which is good. However, having a sub is more work than just being there myself. So I have to prepare for that before I leave and pack. Oh no!! Off to bed I go!


Tasha said...

Wow a clean closet..., did he do something wrong? Maybe the love bug is in the air, only about a month left....
have fun in tennessee.

Lori said...

Amen to a sub being more work than just being there!
And, yep, big mistake in puppyland! ha! Been there myself - tell Mr. Kenny that one day I left both dogs out when they were puppies b/c it was such a pretty day....came home to NO telephone or TV. They had dug up the wires...the TV wire was literally wrapped around about 3 trees and dangling from the utility pole in the backyard....good times! NOT! That was the day they almost were homeless! LOL!

Tan said...

Have a safe trip to Tennessee! Oh, and thanks for the "puppy" stories on the very day that we bring our new puppy home! I've forgotten what it was like to have a puppy around. What have I got myself into????!!! LOL