Sunday, February 03, 2008


The wedding shower given by my mom was yesterday!! It was so much fun too!! It was actually hosted by my mom, two cousins, two aunts, Kenny's mom, and my grandma. I didn't know that I wasn't going to get much time to talk to the guests...I guess that's all in preparation for the wedding day, right? I know I won't have much time on that day, but I didn't know the shower was going to be the same way too!! I barely even got to take any pictures of guests either!! But that's okay, because I'm sure there will be plenty of chances in the next couple of months for that. Kenny and I registered for a full line of Fiestaware dishes, in 4 different colors, red, green, blue, and yellow. And we received most of them yesterday. They are GORGEOUS!! If you are not familiar with Fiestaware, google it and start drooling. It's so pretty! I usually am the person who makes people gifts, like quilts, aftgans, scrapbooks, whatever, but I actually RECEIVED a homemade gift at the shower! It's an aftgan made by my great aunt, who chose green because I like frog stuff. Isn't it cute? I already used it last night!!

I (we) also received heirloom pillowcases from my grandma, the kind with the lacey ends on them. I'm not sure of the proper description of them, but they are so pretty!

The night before the shower I made badges for the bridesmaids to wear.....they turned out so cute! Take a look!

I used the fun foam, cut out the shape, and use the sticky-back pins on the back of it.

Then I took tulle and tiny beaded garland and wrapped around the waist and glued it down. Easy as pie!

I really have the best bridemaids ever. They rock!! There are really 10 of them, plus a junior bridesmaid, and two flower girls, but here's one group of them and me!

And there are a couple girls who got away without group pics....Nik and know who you are!!!

We came home and passed out almost immediatly. Hard work opening presents! The house is in complete diarray today because I couldn't just put things away you know. First, things had to be washed, and then the cupboards had to be reorganized and all that stuff, and I have spent the whole day in the kitchen and it's still not unpacked. It takes so long to box up old dishes and other things and then put the new stuff in!! I spend way too much time dawdling too. I know I do. Oh well. I had a great weekend. Maybe another snow day tomorrow? I need one again!


Tee said...

I love my fiestaware! You got FOUR colors??? I'm so jealous!!! Maybe I need to get married again!!! :) Glad you had a good time, Lindsey. It's getting close now, isn't it???

Tasha said...

I'm so happy you had a great shower...I know opening presents is tiring, huh? LOL

Melissa said...


Sorry I couldn't make it...hope you had a blast:) You look so cute opening your gifts!

Lori said...

Oh no - you can't have another snow day until I get one! LOL!

Sounds like a great shower - how fun getting all the new stuff...and I love to organize! Maybe I should come help out! ha!

Vader's Mom said...

Sounds wonderful and I'm amazed by your talent. So creative!

LaskiGal said...

I hope you had a blast--I loved my shower. The badges are so cool--you are so, so creative.

Happy Snow Day for you! I LOVE, LOVE snow days--even more as a teacher than I ever did as an adult.

la bellina mammina said...

Oh, that's so much fun!!