Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Teaching Mambo

Oh my stress level from work is SO HIGH today. I just want to teach!! That's it!! No committees, no meetings, no after school activities that we are forced to man, no more!! Just let me teach and leave me alone! Ah! The one complaint I have with being a teacher is that you are constantly being pulled in 300 directions ALL DAY LONG. No breaks, no moments of peace, it's ALL DAY. I asked for 10 minutes with any questions, tattles, or bathroom needs. 10 minutes!! Never got it:(

There, I got it out. I should start feeling better with that said. That, and some wine. Yummmm. I was sooooo good yesterday and today. I went to the gym both days, working hard on adding tenths of a mile every time, and two miles won't be all that tough soon! Did you know that fat people really can run?? I'm living proof! I'm not ripping on myself, I promise, but most people wouldn't believe that I can do it. I can! And I keep stretching that endurance every time too. Now I just need to get back to no carbs for a little while. That's the trick for me:) Anyway, I was going to the gym 3 times a week, and my new goal is 4. We'll see:)

I bought some more wedding magazines today in hopes of inspiring something in the jewelry department. I just don't know what to wear. So I keep looking. I might "MIGHT" try to make something myself. We'll see just how ambitious I'm feeling!

In class today, I was looking over some haiku poems the kids have been working on. One of the girls wrote her title, the first line with 5 syllables, the second line with 7 syllables, and the third line with 5 syllables. Then she invented a fourth line, which was "w w w . j e s s i c a . c o m." That is her name. She added that BELOW her poem. What do you make of that?? Is that what she thinks should there because she sees websites all over the place? Oh my gosh. She wasn't here today for me to ask her about it, but you know I'll be asking tomorrow!!

This is totally random, but a few weeks back Kenny & I had to take a pre-marital counseling class (8 hours long) and there was some psychological testing at the end of it. I've been dying to know the results, which we won't get back for a while yet, but when we saw the reverand who gave us the test (it was actually a paper test, multiple choice, machine scored) and who is also marrying us, I asked him about it, and his response was, "You will be surprised." That's it. No expression one way or the other, no hints, no reassurance, no nothing. Ugh. I know it doesn't matter really, and that they will marry us regardless (I made sure that if we failed they would still marry us!!), but come on!! That's cruel!! So we wait....


Tasha said...

thats kinda funny about the jessica.com...It just shows how tech savvy people are these days..

Lori said...

Maybe she has her own website - LOL!

"you'll be surprised" - surprised good or surprised bad? Was their any facial expression you could read? That is just plain cruel!