Monday, March 24, 2008


They are done!!!
My bouquet took me about an hour and a half to make. That's not bad considering what a perfectionist I am and how many times I usually have to redo things....I didn't redo it even once!
Here's my bouquet:

And the bridesmaids' bouquets:

And I even made a goofy throw bouquet:

I LOVE doing anything with flowers. I should just open up my own business with flowers now. It's something to think about when I get frustrated with teaching.

In a couple hours there will be some drilling going on in my mouth. Scary. Very scary. Not looking forward to it. Wish me luck:)


Tasha said...

They look awesome!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you. Lets open the flower shop together...oh wait a wedding shop..great idea huh!!!

Lori said...

Great job girl! I have ZERO talent in that area!

Good luck at the yucky dentist!

Tan said...

You awe me. Amazingly beautiful! All of it...

Vader's Mom said...

beautiful, beautiful flowers!!!

LaskiGal said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! So talented.

Lindsay said...

I am so very impressed!
I love all 3 of them!