Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Done with the Dentist!

Yesterday my dentist appointment wasn't so bad...the only pain was later on in the day and was my jaw because I had my mouth opened for almost 2 hours...but it's all done and thank goodness! I have never been so scared of a drill sound, but I didn't feel a thing!!

I got up early and worked with Kenny all day, and I'll do it again tomorrow too. I know it's my vacation, but his money is my money and I like doing work that is so different from mine...the empty mindedness of it is refreshing. I have accomplished so much wedding stuff this week and it's not even halfway over yet!! I am just loving this vacation. Why can't I feel like this all the time??

One month from tomorrow I will be Mrs. Kenny. Oh my gosh. I've been waiting 5 1/2 years for this. Actually I've known Kenny longer than the time we have been together, and even though we didn't date for 2 years, I just knew he was the one. So I guess I've been waiting 7 years. Whatever it is, I can't believe it's a month away. I am SO READY!! And excited!! And nervous!! AND HAPPY!!!! He keeps saying he can't wait for me to be his wife. It just makes me smile even more. Today he asked me if I thought there was anything else I needed to know about him before we get married. I just laughed. I am sure there is plenty I will learn over the years that I don't know now....that's part of the charm of marriage, right?? He's so cute asking questions and just being romantic all the time. What a guy. I know I'm so mushy, but I can't help it!!


Tan said...

Bring on the mush!!!

Lori said...

I'd be worried if you weren't mushy right now! ha!
Although you may be in trouble if he thinks you called his job "empty minded"...hee-hee! Just kidding!
Don't you wish we had two weeks for Spring Break?

Vader's Mom said...

Less than a month? wow! The excitement is building.

I'm glad the dentist went well. I hate that feeling of pain - all because they make you hold your mouth open. You'd think they'd let you have a break just to relax a little...

LaskiGal said...

The month before my wedding I was all smiles. I mean, I got into a fender bender--I smiled. I chipped a tooth--I smiled (not a big one, mind you--and thank God it was fixed before the big day). I cleaned up vomit (sick puppy) and smiled. I was so geeked to be Mrs. L!!!

You bask in your happiness, girl! This is such a fun and exciting time in your life. This is why I visit--I love basking in your pre-wedding bliss.