Thursday, March 27, 2008

Marriage License!! (edited with pics)


We went and got our marriage licence today!! I am more excited about it now than I was before we went. You know how I am....the camera is always with me, almost no matter what. Well, today I didn't have it. I thought of going downtown (when I'm on vacation from driving there EVERY DAY for work) as a pain in the butt. We were in the car on the way there and Kenny asks me about the camera, and I was like, "Why would I bring it here?" Duh!! Of course I should have brought it!! This is a monumentous moment!! Stupid me!! We got there and went through the metal detector and then up the escalator and then got stopped by a former student's parent. I hear my name being called in this big county building and I'm thinking who in the heck would know me....but it was fun to see her. She's one of those parents who you wish you could always keep around! Anyway, back to the story. Kenny was disappointed with me for not bringing the camera. I did take pics with my phone, but I have no idea how to get them off there onto the computer, so who knows if you will ever see them!! A few years ago Kenny was in the same office paying about 600 parking tickets and he was wearing a suit and sunglasses. When he walked in, the ladies behind the counter called him Mr. Hollywood because of how he looked. You can just imagine what it was like in there today. We walked in and he announces that Mr. Hollywood is back. He had the ladies behind the counter rolling. We filled out all the paperwork, of course Kenny forgets his drivers licence (thank goodness the birth certificate was enough) and then we pay and sign some more stuff and that was it. Everyone called him Mr. Hollywood, even people who didn't know him. And now I'm Mrs. Hollywood. Cute. Very cute. He just stirs everyone up wherever he goes!! So I am very sorry about not bringing my camera. I was more focused on not wanting to drive downtown on my week off than on what we were actually doing. Shame on me:( But it was still fun and still makes a cute story.

Like Lori says, this vacation has gone way too fast. It's almost over and I still have so much I want to do. But I have accomplished a lot, so I should just be greatful for the time off, and I am. A mental vacation is the best.

The last 2 days I worked with Kenny on site for about 8 hours each day, and the jobs he gave me were mindless, which is just what I needed. I didn't think about anything work related or even wedding related...just worked and cleared my head and it was awesome. It's so refreshing to do stuff that has nothing to do with teaching!!

As Kenny would say, I'm off like a prom dress!!!I want to get some stuff done around the house!!! He always uses that prom dress line.....he's crazy if you haven' figured it out yet!


Lori said...

OMG - Kenny and Kevin are two peas in a pod! Whenever you tell a story of him getting people going, I am reading and shaking my head yep! I never know what is about to come out of Kevin's mouth! LOL!

Try this for your phone pic. go into your phone and click on the picutre. Then, it should give you options, hit send, it should give you option of sending to your addy book, number or email. click on email and then type your email addy into the phone and hit send. Should work - just play around with it.

Tan said...

I was going to tell you how to email the pictures to yourself from your phone, but I think Lori beat me to it. Since I'm seeing pictures, I'm assuming it worked.

I have to laugh at Kenny, Mr. Hollywood. I can tell how fun he is by the photos you post.


Lori said...

Awesome it worked! And, good pics too!

Tasha said...

yay, the license makes it so much more real

Vader's Mom said...

Fun! Fun!

It's almost here!!

LaskiGal said...

Yay! You both look so happy! I have pics like that. Mine were more about PROOF than for fun--hee hee. Can't back out now, buddy!!!

A momentous occasion for sure!