Friday, April 25, 2008


I am so calm right now. I cannot sleep, but I'm just eerily calm. Our rehersal and dinner was awesome, it was so fun chatting and hanging out! It makes me so excited for tomorrow!! It's just my mom and I tonight, and she's already in bed. So it's me, the computer, and my stuff for tomorrow. I haven't been this calm in months!! It's so what I need. It's hard to describe all the things I feel right now, but the most prominent emotion is happiness. I just can't wait to be walking down the isle looking at Kenny and knowing we are going to be together forever. Seeing all my girls and the groomsmen up there with us, my little flower girls and the ring bearer, everyone, our parents, family, friends, it's all so cool. It's almost like a dream coming true. I WISH I had my camera back already, but no such luck, so I'll have to wait to post some pics from the rehersal later when everyone gets them to me. Now this bride is going to sleep, or so I hope!!!!

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Tan said...

Look at that ticker up there! It says ZERO days until our wedding!! Woooo!

I wish you every happiness in the world, and the BEST DAY EVER!

Can't wait to see pictures...!