Thursday, April 24, 2008

2 days!!

This MIGHT be my last post until I'm a Mrs. I'm not sure, no promises, you never know. Tomorrow my mom and I and a couple bridesmaids are going to get our nails done around noon and then relax (I really hope to anyway) until 5pm. The rehersal begins at 7pm but I have to be there early to go over whatever needs to be done. Saturday I will be up and out of here by 9am, so it's going to be nutty from here on out!!

My mom and MIL took all the goods to the reception site today and PAID IN FULL for the reception. That was a huge load off, not to mention how much extra room I have in my basement today!!

I escaped the craziness later by going to the gym alone (as always) without my phone. On purpose. No calls. No needs. Just me and the radio and GOD. It was awesome. So was the gym. And I came two hours later completely refreshed.

I'm going to take a bubble bath now that everyone is gone except my momma and the puppy. It might be the last moment I have to do that!!! I am truly enjoying every moment, I promise! This is such a magical time, and I can't even imagine how awesome the wedding day is going to be!!!


Lori said...

I am so excited for you!!! You will be in my thoughts on Saturday!

Tan said...

I'll be thinking of you all day Saturday!! Can you believe it's finally here???!! Pause a few minutes, look around you, and take it all in! This is it, girl!!! I'm so happy for you.

Tasha said...

Ahh, I don;t even know what to say anymore. I am truely happy for you and Kenny and your magical day. Wanna hear a fun fact. The day before my wedding it rained ALL day (kinda like today minus the sun)..It was gloomy and cloudy and wet! The next morning it was cloudy and cool..By 11 or so the sun was shining so bright and it was actually a pretty warm day. You will have the same..I promise :)

I love you Mrs. LL
Thats what I'm calling you from now on, hehe.