Friday, April 04, 2008


What a week!!! It ended the best way possible....with a field trip!! But the catch was that it wasn't my class that I took on the trip. It was the 3-4-5 multi-age classroom next door to mine that I took because their teacher in on crutches and the field trip consisted of hands on science stuff for about 5 hours. So that teacher was in my classroom today and I got to go on the trip, and I didn't even have to plan ANYTHING!! And I got to wear jeans. You can't ask for a better trip than that! Must be that time of year for science field trips because Lori went on one too!

I have worked out tonight and I'm finally past the 2 mile mark. It's taken a while but I finally got there. I even went grocery shopping too! It's almost 11pm and I still feel like cleaning. What is wrong with me?? I better get a move on before I lose my motivation.

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Lori said...

yikes - 3,4 and 5 year old's - I couldn't do it! Bless you! I did love getting to wear jeans too! ha!