Sunday, May 18, 2008


This morning is was beautiful outside. We were supposed to get a whole bunch of rain and nasty weather, but, staying true to Michigan weather, it only rained 3 times yesterday, and all 3 times lasted 5 minutes and the sun still shined. Today the sun is out, it's chilly, but I love that kind of weather. I am actually going to work with Kenny today, but if you read yesterday's post, I promise it's not THAT kind of work where I have to dress up and be fake. This work is manual labor, just the 2 of us, no fake-ness involved, I don't even have to talk proper. Bonus. And Puppy comes with us too. Plus, the physical labor will cancel out my trip to the gym this afternoon. Even better!! The house is clean (most of it) and I feel tons better than I did yesterday. So things are looking up. I have exactly 16 more days with kids, 17 for us teachers, until vacation starts. Can't wait. Neither can my head!!

I thought this morning I had lost my marriage certificate. It wouldn't have been the worst thing, at least to Kenny, who didn't stand in line FOR HER ENTIRE ONE HOUR PREP AND GIVE UP HER 20 MINUTE LUNCH TIME TO GO TO THE CITY COUNTY BUILDING WHERE THE MOST INCOMPETANT PEOPLE WORK, EXCUSE ME, THE MOST INCOMPETENT PEOPLE ARE ON BREAK ALL THE TIME WITH A LINE OF 15+ PEOPLE STANDING IN IT ARE. I panicked, then realized I had tucked it away with my school bag for safe keeping because Kenny often loses things. Like on a daily basis. Anyway, I found it, and had I not have found it, I would have been furious because the way this county works, I couldn't deposit MOST of our wedding checks because they were made to Kenny AND Lindsey, where we both had to sign and my name had to be legally changed on my drivers license, which couldn't be done until the city county building called me to tell me my official marriage certificate was done. I called on Monday, they didn't know. I called on Tuesday, it wasn't ready. I waited until Thursday to call again because I was still mad about Monday and Tuesday's phone conversations, both of which the person on the other end was probably on break too. Ugh. Anyway, I JUST legally changed my name at the secretary of state on Friday after that big huge ordeal, so if you happened to send me a check for our wedding, and it hasn't been cashed yet, I'm so sorry, it will be done on Monday!!

Now I'm beginning the process of calling my credit card, car loan place, and all the other places, plus social security and all that good stuff. What an ordeal. What does a guy have to do?? Nothing. Oh yeah, silly me. Even my gym requires me to bring in my marriage certificate saying we are now officially married so my name on our membership can change...oh the drama of a name change!!


Lori said...

They should have to do something to make it more fair - LOL!
All that hard work of changing over the name is worth it...b/c eventually you will forget what a pain it was! ha!

Tasha said...

I know your pain..I still have not changed my name on the cable bill becasue they want me in in person...No fax allowed.
Has anyone asked you if you were serious on your last name change yet?