Sunday, May 04, 2008

Work Work Work

Going back to work on May 1st was hard! It was just tough to get back to the daily grind after such a whirlwind 9 days!! But I did, and the kids were happy to see me. They were pretty good for the sub when I was gone, however, they were rotten on Thursday and Friday for me. ROTTEN to highest power. I think it's the combination of me just returning and also we only have 6 weeks of school left too. So from here on out, they are going to be cute little monsters.

I have been working in the backyard since Friday night. Last summer we completely made over the front landscaping, and this summer, I'm going to do the backyard. We actually started in February by ripping off the nasty old deck that was there. On some of my days off before I went back to work, I did some transplanting and planting new plants, and then this weekend I cut down a tree (all by myself!!!) and replanted some baby ones in its place, along with more hostas. I bought a forsythia tree and planted it right outside the kitchen window. Where the deck was is covered in large stones, so I scooped them (this took HOURS) and placed them around the forsythia and then prepared the rest of them to be moved in buckets before we have a small cement patio poured. I'm not sure when that will happen, as soon as I can get some quotes and then bargain them down. Soon I hope!! Our lawn is so long, but the lawnmower blade has to be sharpened so that will have to wait!! It's like the amazon out there!! So that's what I've been doing.

So far married life isn't any different than life was before!! Kenny is suffering from a siatic (sp??) nerve injury so he's working, but not lifting. He did a little in the yard to help, like help me with the new mulch we laid down in the front yard yesterday, but he really has to take it easy, so I'm doing most of this stuff. I don't mind, especially when I can sit right down in the dirt and get my hands in it!! I come in the back door, strip down right there, throw my clothes down the stairs and hop in the shower immediatly!! So there's no mess!! The puppy is in heaven while I'm in the backyard, and I'm afraid she might dig, so I have to bring her in with me until the fresh dirt is covered with mulch in the backyard. She is not to be trusted!!

I am out of physical labor energy for the day so I'm going to retire to the couch for a while!! Isn't that what Sunday afternoons are for?


Lori said...

Digging in the yard is the perfect day in my opinion! Can't wait to see the improvements!!

As for Mr. Kenny ~ give him LOTS of sympathy and go easy on him. I have had the same thing and if he does too much, it will getworse and he will be down in his back for DAYS! I feel for him!

And yes, the kids have spring fever or summer fever FOR SURE! ha! I think I do too! You will have new pen pal letters coming your way this week.

Tasha said...

wow sounds like a lot of work..I;m sure the backyard will look awesome!

Tan said...

"Sciatic" nerve (says the medical transcriptionist. heehee) Please make sure Kenny takes it easy because believe me it's no fun watching your man suffer with chronic back pain. Considering that you are "stripping down" at the door, maybe we can just guess how Kenny injured his sciatic nerve. LOL Newlyweds. Sheeesh.