Monday, May 05, 2008

Cinco de Mayo!!

Today was one of my student's birthdays, so we had cupcakes and did some mexican celebrating!! My students were back to normal today, their sweet selves (for the most part) again. There are always a couple stinkers in the mix. We discussed the fact that there are only 25 school days left, they were as excited as I was!!! Our last day is June 11th, and it can't get here fast enough!! I still have a lot of ground to cover between now and then, but I'll get it all in, I always do!!

I got this strange burst of energy when I got home from work I just started cleaning. Usually I do that stuff on the weekends but I was busy yesterday outside and doing other things, so it got put off. I have been cleaning like a mad woman!! Kenny won't know what happened when he comes home.

I was cleaning the spare bedroom a little while ago and my crenolin slip and veil are still sprawled on the guest bed, still there from the when we came home the day after our wedding. It made me sad, actually, a LOT sad. So much so that my stomach hurt. I can't believe it's over!! Don't get me wrong, the best part is just beginning, our brand new marriage which is the most exciting thing EVER, but I can't help but get that twinge of sadness. It was the PERFECT day:)


LaskiGal said...

"I can't believe it's over!!"

Weird, isn't it. All the planning. The anticipation. The dancing/eating/laughing/chatting/meeting/smiling . . . it all goes by so fast.

But, consider it only the beginning! And, it gets even better. So many awesome adventures . . .

I just remember thinking, "Man, I didn't get enough of that dessert table!"

Tasha said...

For about a month after the wedding I felt lost. Nothing to do on the weekends, nothing to plan or nothing to call on and budget. It was a hard adjustement..I totally understand what you are saying.

Lori said...

Awww...sweet! Just keep looking at pictures and video's and then cherish TODAY! :-)

and send some of your energy this way! ha!

Tan said...

You have so much else to look forward to now, Lindsey!! Try to remember it really is just the beginning! Place lots of wedding photos around the house and remember the day each time you close your eyes to sleep at night. It will last forever!