Friday, August 01, 2008


It can't really be Friday already, can it?? My week has been hazy. Monday morning I woke up with some horrid stomach issue, which turned into the 24 (possibly 36) hour flu. It was nasty. Tuesday I woke up feeling about 75% better, and as the day progressed and I washed every comforter, blanket, towel, rug, countertop, doorknob, and surface, I felt better. By Wednesday I was good as new. Talk about a crazy sickness. Yesterday I spent many long, sun-filled hours with Niki at her pool. VERY relaxing! I have also been working on scrapbooking our albums....for the last 2 years. I am THAT behind in it. Lori gave me a great idea on working backwards, starting with current pics and working back until it was all finished. I have pretty much done that, except for little events here and there that I was really excited about putting together and couldn't wait. It's been so long since I scrapbooked, and getting back into it has been so much fun. Not sure Kenny appreciates the messes I make in the livingroom every evening, but I do clean them up when I'm done, unlike SOME people. I'm sure it's especially annoying to him though because I do have a craft table and area downstairs complete with a TV and DVD player for when I'm working down there, but it's got my sewing stuff all over it right now, so the livingroom seems like the best place! My aunt is visiting from out of state and is bringing my grandparents to visit at my house today. They are both in their 90s and obviously don't drive anymore, and have not seen our house yet. So I am really looking forward to them being here in my house, and to see my aunt too! We are going to drive my grandparents to one of the first houses they lived in as a married couple, which is ironically only about 7 miles from my house. I've driven past it several times, and from what I'm told by my dad and his siblings, it looks almost the same as it did in the 1950s. I know my grandparents will enjoy seeing it! Sorry for the short post, I'll post again with pics tonight or tomorrow!!

PS-I do have some more footage of Kenny singing, in case you haven't had enough yet....I'll get it on here ASAP. Be ready to laugh!


Lori said...

Urgh - I had the summer bug or flu earlier this summer. It was yucky. I haven't been that sick in years!

Happy Scrappin' girl! I can't wait to get my stamps in ~ did you get yours?

doubleduty said...

I'm glad you are feeling better now.

I have scrapped in FOREVER. I'm not sure why...because I love to do it. Please post pictures of some of your layouts. Maybe you'll inspire me!

doubleduty said...

Have NOT. I have NOT scrapped in FOREVER. Sorry about the typo.