Saturday, August 02, 2008

Grandparents (and Kenny singing)

Having my grandparents at my house yesterday was AWESOME! My grandpa suffered a stroke 3 years ago and even though he was 90 at the time, his only setback is his speech. He has trouble pronouncing words, but believe me, he gets his point across. Don't let the walker fool ya, he's had arthritis since he was in his 40s, that's not because of the stroke. My grandma has a hard time with memory and she fell a few years back injuring her neck. Despite physical rehab on it, her neck is very weak and it's hard for her to straighten it out. But in all seriousness, my grandparents are amazing considering their ages. I love 'em. They live in assisted living, a small corner apartment that is cozy for the two of them. They go down to the cafeteria for 3 meals a day and have caregivers drop off meds each day. They are so lucky to be where they are together, after 62 years of marriage! Again, I just love them. They are so cute. That's why I loved having them here in my house. They have heard me talk about our house for a year and a half now, so they were very excited to see it. My aunt and I also took them to a house they lived in when they were first married, which isn't far from my house. My grandpa remembered every detail, my grandma did as we were leaving. It was very cool.

And finally, here is the video of Kenny singing again as promised. He didn't know I was taping him at first, not until I tripped on the dog and he turned around. He couldn't hear me narrating the video at first either, even though it seems like I'm yelling. Oh yeah, forgive the evil laugh when he discovers I'm taping him, I have a habit of laughing like that, not very attractive, I know. Note how Kenny slips into Elvis mode with the lip when he says FAITHFULLY at the very end. And also, just before that, notice the air guitar. Those are both staples in his performances. The dude thinks he's a modern Elvis. And I married him. Heh.


Lori said...

That is great! First of all, I giggled and giggled when I knew that he was clueless to being recorded! Good one!

And, your grandparents are adorable!! 62 years of marriage is awesome!!

Tasha said...

Aww your grandparents are adorable..And Kenny, well Kenny is GREAT!

KennyLindsay said...
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doubleduty said...

Hello Mrs. Presley --- you are so right...your grandparents are VERY cute. And Kenny. Well, what can I say about Kenny?? He's hilarious and I love how he's not a bit shy. Most people would have clammed up and yelled when they realized they were being recorded, but not Mr. Showmanship Presley! heehee. Never a boring moment in your house, huh??? He's great!! (Oh, and your laugh was fine, you silly girl.)