Saturday, August 16, 2008


Oh I'm so tired. I have going going going nonstop since EARLY Tuesday morning. I finally slept in and now that I'm awake, I'm wishing I was still sleeping. I have an unfinished cleaning and throwing out project happening in the basement, the laundry hasn't been touched since Monday night (I usually do it every day), since Kenny was here basically by himself every day it's a mess around here, the dishes are overflowing, and OMG I want to go back to bed. Listen to me complain. He is currently in the backyard with the puppy doing something, but any minute now, he'll come to the back door and either ask me to help him with something (I'm still in PJs) or ask me where something is and could I please get it for him. My bed is only about 25 feet from's so tempting. But I'm going to do the "right" thing and get my arse moving. But before anything gets cleaned or de-messed, I'm making pancakes. With blueberries. And maple syrup. The real kind straight from the farm. Yum.


Lindsay said...

All i saw on your post was PANCAKES... now I want pancakes. They are my most favorite food RIGHT NOW!
When Gavin and I went to San Antonio the hotel I stayed at had the BEST pancakes I have EVER had in my life!
I really wish I could make them... but I am such an awful cook that I have no idea how.
Anyways, now that I am on a pancake kick, I think I may have to make some for lunch!
luv you

Lori said...

That sound so good!!! Pancakes! (Not the part about doing laundry everyday...are you nuts?!? ha)

Tasha said...

Mmmm pancakes...Can you come over please and cook some for us??!!!