Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where have I been??

A whole week!!!!

It's been a whole week without posting for me!! Yikes! This past week has been super busy. Now that it's over, things around here can finally settle down. I feel like I've been riding a crazy rollercoaster since school started in September and I'm happy because it's slowing down.

Funny story:
My MIL went on a gambling trip to a casino (she does this often) with her aunt, who is almost 90. The two of them are great together...the aunt wears a hat that says "Dare to walk..." on the front and on the back it says "...on the wild side." That should explain the aunt's personality so you can get a clear picture for this story. Anyway, my MIL was supposed to be home at 530 on Friday night. Kenny called her at 2pm on Friday to ask her a question and normally when she answers the phone and she knows it's him calling, she answers all excited and "HELLO KENNY!!" This time, she answered in a whispered voice, and Kenny could hear bingo numbers being called out in the background. He says, "Ma, I thought you were going to be home at 530! Why are you still at the casino playing bingo??" She says, again in a whispered tone, "I will be home at 530." Kenny says, "How can you be home at 530 if you are still at the casino?" (the casino is 3-4 hours away) My MIL says "We're playing bingo on the bus....I gotta go." And she hangs up. So my MIL is now officially addicted to bingo. And I guess all the other people on the casino tour bus are too, because there's a surround sound bingo game going on to and from the casino! OMG!!!! She's so addicted!!!!!

My students are slowly driving me crazy. As smart as they are, I have never met a more talkative group of students in my life. I got to leave early on Tuesday last week because I had to help Kenny with something and I thought it was the greatest thing ever that I got to escape from prison (AKA-work) an hour early AND miss the whole dismissal process....such small things bring me the greatest pleasure!!

And that is what is going on in my neck of the woods. I promise to be a much better blogger this week:)


" T " said...

Bus bingo!I love it! (I missed you this week!)

Lori said...

I love bingo too!! I am going to hold you to that "better blogger thing".

We are working on our responses to your pen pal letters now. I should be able to mail them by Friday - if I can remember! ha!