Monday, October 13, 2008

2 Days in a Row!

I said I was going to try to be a better blogger...and I'm keeping my word!
Today was picture day at school. You remember the days...the photo company comes to your school, usually sets up shop in the library or some large room, kids get called down by grade or even by classes to get their pictures taken, things go back to normal. Not this year, however. My school opted to go with a new picture company this year. Maybe it was to save money, maybe there were better deals, I'm not sure, I just know that it wasn't good. Our grade was called in at 830 this morning, the first grade to get their pictures taken after administration and the principals. So we take the kids in the auditorium and line them up, and then the photo person walks up to me and asks me where my cards are with the kids' names on them along with their grade and my name. Well, isn't that his/their job to provide those cards to the school? Yes, it is, and here we are WAITING IN LINE TO GET PICTURES TAKEN with no cards. How will they keep the kids' names straight? OMG is was a mess. Apparently they had the cards, but every child had the wrong teacher's name and the wrong grade, and it was a huge jumbled mess. It took 45 minutes to get it together when it should have been a 10 minute in-and-out deal. I think when we have spring pictures taken we will be going back to the old company. At least, if I were in charge, we would be. Happy Monday morning!
I promised some pictures of my brother's new puppy. Here she is! This is Lola and she is now 9 weeks old! I love the way she's leaning back trying to kiss my cute!!

And just because Kenny asked me to include this picture, I will. He loves taking cruel pictures of me just as I wake up.


Lori said...

Love the ears on that doggie!!
And what a mean, mean Kenny for taking pictures in the morning! Shame on him!

" T " said...

OMG, I know those picture cards all too well!! I volunteered at my daughter's school for three years and yearbook leader. My first job each year was getting those silly cards in order! They are sooo important too. If they are not right, then the yearbook photographs are not labeled right, etc. And of course, the cards are always a mess! Wrong names, wrong teachers, misspelled names, this kid wants to use his nickname, blah, blah, blah. I learned after the first year to beg and plead with the photographer to meet me a few days ahead of picture day so that I can get my hands on those cards and work my magic to get them right. And every year...after a long, long picture day...I would come home with a headache and say "I could never be a teacher!!" The noise level of those kids in that large room. Eeek. (Cute puppy, BTW!)