Monday, December 22, 2008

3 Days Left!

Three more days until Christmas? Are you kidding? I'm done shopping and wrapping, I just can't believe the big day will be here in three days and then it will be over. Just like that!! Every year it amazes me how much time we spend getting ready for Christmas Day and then how quickly it comes and goes. Kind of like a wedding day. Heh. We have several Christmases to have this year, and they won't be over on Christmas Day, which I like because it spreads the holiday out to just more than one day. We actually are having two Christmases AT OUR HOUSE this year. That's right. And we don't even have kids (yet) and we live an hour from my lucky are we? We are having Christmas with my mom in the afternoon on Christmas Day and then with my dad on the 26th. Now, that's a lot of cooking and preparing for someone who doesn't do that on a regular basis, but I'm going to make it easy on my meal is lasagna and the other is potato soup....I can handle those! I'm just thrilled to not be traveling on Christmas Day this year. On the 27th we are going to make a 90 minute treck to have an extended family Christmas party, but no complaints here, that one is long overdue and I'm looking forward to it. Really, this Christmas is going to be great!

I can't sleep in very well. I don't know if it's the baby not letting me sleep and preparing me for the sleeplessness that comes with motherhood or my body used to getting up so early for work. I just can't sleep in, as much as I want to! And the update on morning sickness?? Still there, still going strong, still unpredictable and pretty much all day. Ugh. I'm almost 14 weeks so I'm hoping that soon I'll get some relief!!


Lori said...

I am jealous of the no traveling for Christmas!!
Imagine how fun NEXT year's Christmas will be!!!

" T " said...

Yes, at age 6 months next year's Christmas is going to be fabulous with your new little one! Merry Christmas, girl!