Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
This year Kenny & I decided to go out to dinner Friday night and beat the Valentine's night rush when everyone is out to eat. So we enjoyed a quiet dinner (as quiet as it can be with Kenny) at a small family place 2 miles from home. It was YUMMY. I had potato pancakes. AWESOME! Anyway, then we went carpet shopping again for the new room in our basement (not much luck there) and then home to watch a movie on the couch. It was the perfect evening. Kenny even fell asleep before I did, which never happens. He did surprise me earlier with flowers even though I said NO FLOWERS this year. He just couldn't resist. They are gorgeous! However, his gift from me was to clean out his truck this morning before he woke up. Easy task, right? Wrong. Here's the where the drama starts. Kenny's truck is trashed. Not only dirt, food wrappers, and the junk that accumulates when you work from your truck most days, but also dog hair. Eck. So I knew it was going to take a few hours. But since he sleeps late on the weekends, no problem. I got up at 730 and walked outside to start in on the cleaning project and there was 2 inches (or more) of snow. Hold crap. That's okay, another obstacle, no biggie. I emptied out all the trash and the stuff that wasn't trash into garbage bags and put it in the house. Then I got all the cleaning products, more garbage bags and paper towel and went to the car wash where I could use their heavy duty vacuums. Once I got there, I stepped on a ketchup packet that fell out of his truck and it squirted all over. Lovely! After that crisis was adverted, I started vacuuming....and realized the vacuum was not taking up the dog hair. I came prepared with this big sticky sheets that my MIL gave me earlier. They are supposed to pick up anything. Didn't work. The upholstry in the the truck isn't regular fabric and it's not leather, it's some kind of slippery crap that holds every piece of dog hair and lint imaginable. I can't stand it!! And even if you just spill water on the seats, it leaves a water mark. So needless to say, there is still some dog hair, but he's so used to it (mostly in the back seat) he won't even care. Then I started WASHING out all cupholders, surfaces, glass, whatever, you name it, I cleaned it. Keep in mind IT'S STILL SNOWING. So it's a bit challenging! Then I went to Walmart to get some new heavy duty truck mats (he was WAY over due) and a plastic bin to keep papers and all his junk organzied in the backseat, and out of the dog's grasp too. On the way there, I run out of gas. AH! Luckily I was yacking to N who immediatly came and saved me from distress. Another crisis adverted. So then she follows me to Walmart where I get everything I needed for the truck including windshield washer fluid (I stole his this week for a refill on my car) and some Valentine chocolates, and some confetti hearts to put in the truck too. I get home and it's still snowing!!! Ahhhh! I can't catch a break today! Normal people would pull into their garage right?? Not me. Our garage is our storage unit at the moment. So I kept on cleaning things in the snow. The truck looks pretty good. I couldn't get all the little things, you know how commercial vacuums are so big and you can down in those crevices in vehicles...who makes those crevices anyway?? What a pain! The truck looks 100 times better, especially with candy and hearts all over it!!! We exchanged sappy cards last night and his was still in the truck, so I set it out with the candy too. Oh yeah, I filled up his gas tank on top of everything else!! So that's my Valentine's Day story. It's now 11:30, so it only took me a couple hours....not too bad considering all that! He's still sleeping and he knew he was getting something this morning, he just had no clue what it was!!
One more thing....I mentioned in my last post about 2 friends that are battling's the story of one of them...he stayed with us this week and this was taped right before he came to our house...get some kleenex!


Lori said...

I'm coming back tomorrow to watch the clip - I have already cried twice today (PMS)!
Kenny's vechicle sounds like the inside of Kevin's. Once I sat in something yucky and by the time we made it to Lowe's it looked like I had peed my pants, so I made him take me back home to change. now I always bring a towel to sit on if we have to take his truck! ha!

Lori said...

Wow - what an amazing 10 year old!!!

Tasha said...

What a great gift idea. Happy Valentines.

" T " said...

You amaze me. Kenny is lucky to have you (and he better have bought flowers after all that work you put into his present!! haha) I'm sorry, I'm postponing the video because I have had so much bad news the past few days with cancer diagnoses of friends parents and a couple scares with my own parents. I can't handle the tears right now, but please know I am praying for your friends.